Celebrating Earth Day

Just like the President who is jetting to the Pacific Northwest and Asia today, we are celebrating Earth Day by cranking out as much CO2 as possible. We started by taking the 6.0 liter GMC truck in for service and firing up Damsel’s car to transport me round trip to take the truck in and pick it up later. We’re just sorry that we have to stick around home this week and can’t load up the dogs and go for a 200 mile scenic tour of our beautiful desert.

This evening, we will celebrate by watching two baseball games on our two big screen TVs simultaneously. Although we seldom do this, we will turn on the outside sconces (all seven of them) three in front, three on the garage and one on the back patio. We might even turn on the four RV drive floodlights.

To understand our motivation for doing this, we invite you to visit the Climate and Global Warming Resources Page which will direct you to several works that expose the Global Warming Hoax for what it is - a political sham. Read this page to see why the sun is the major factor in climate determination.


First Saguaro Flowers of Spring

First Saguaro Flowers

We were at the pharmacy this morning to pick up some meds when I saw the old saguaro cactus in the parking lot had sprouted some flowers. We went over and took a few pictures of the new flowers and all the flower pods of flowers to come.These are the first saguaro flowers we have seen this spring. The saguaro flower is the state flower of Arizona. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Easter Lily

Easter Lily

One of the Easter lilies opened up to its full glory on this Easter Sunday. I placed it in the shadow in the courtyard such that the back of the flower was in sunlight. I like the “light from within” effect. Click on the image to enlarge.


The Easter Bunny Entitlement Jackass


Other than this Rick McKee cartoon depicting one depressing fact about the left, please try to enjoy a happy and blessed Easter Sunday.


Spring Flowers Slideshow

I took pictures of these flowers over the past week. Most of them at or near our house. The flowers (in order) in this slide show are:

  • Palo Verde Flowers
  • Prickly Pear Cactus Flower
  • Desert Marigold Flower
  • Hedgehog Cactus Flower
  • Golden Barrel Cactus Flowers
  • Cholla Cactus Flowers
  • Argentine Giant Cactus Flowers

Click on the image to advance to the next picture.


Stop Continental Drift

Stop Continental Drift

Damsel took this photo of a tongue-in-cheek bumper sticker in the supermarket parking lot yesterday. I say tongue-in-cheek because one may as well implore for the cessation of sun spots and solar activity. Given the latter being the main factor in the Earth’s climate, I think this sticker is poking fun at the Greenbats of the world.

Over the past week, I have read about some member of parliament of where Great Britain used to be, proclaiming that humankind had better desist with consumption of legumes because of the methane generated. What a crock (literally).

I also read about some nutcase that said we should all be eating roadkill instead of raising livestock for our protein needs. Another group a while back intoned we should be eating insects. Ugh! You first.

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Argentine Giant Extreme Close Up

Extreme Close Up

Once you get past the inhospitable cactus spikes and look closely at their beautiful flowers, you can see just how delicate and beautiful these desert plants can be. This is a close-up of one of the three Argentine Giant Cactus (Echinopsis candicans) flowers that bloomed on Monday. I took this image on Tuesday morning before the flowers wilted. Click on the image to enlarge.

I saved one of the flowers in hopes of developing into a fruit from which I can extract seeds. That is, if the javelinas don’t eat it first!


Train Wreck


It’s too bad that Obamacare can’t be permanently derailed. Firing Sebelius just ensures that another disposable Obama shill will occupy that cabinet post until the make-excuser-in-chief needs another scapegoate to take the blame in the REAL war on women.

Our congressman, Paul Gosar (R-AZ), released this statement regarding Sebelius’ “resignation:”

I join with many of the American people tonight in happily accepting the resignation of Secretary Sebelius. Under her watch, and through her incompetence, our nation’s healthcare system has been harmed, hundreds of millions of dollars were wasted, 5 million people lost their chosen health insurance, and the country was far worse off than it was when she started. She directly supported the “Lie of the Year” by falsely claiming people could keep their insurance and their doctors. Under her watch millions saw their policies cancelled, many saw their rates increase, many have lost their physicians. Her departure is welcomed by Americans everywhere.

Gary Varvel cartoon via The Patriot Post.


Triplet Argentine Giant Flowers

Argentine Giant Flowers

Beautiful! My Argentine Giant (echinopsis candicans) cactus flowers have opened this evening. I took this photo at a little after six this evening. These flowers will still be open in the morning, but will fade soon after. This is our once-a-year blooming for this cactus we installed shortly after having the place landscaped in 2011. The three pods last evening were still unopened, but the flowers showed up late today. Click on the image to enlarge.


Agave Flower Stalk


There is an agave flower stalk about four hundred feet east of our driveway. I don’t know the timing on agave flowers, but I imagine this will be sprouting flower pods in the near future. We have been watching the flower stalk grow over the past several weeks and today I estimate it to be about fifteen feet tall. I will be sire and get flower pictures when the agave finally starts producing them. Click on the image to enlarge.

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