Camping Day 8 – Deming, NM

The photo above is where we are camped tonight in Deming, New Mexico, just off of I-10 in the southwestern part of the state. Nice campground and the folks who run it are nice too.

We had an interesting drive today starting in Roswell and continuing to Deming via US Hwy-70 and transitioning to I-10 in Las Cruces. Damsel took over 600 images during the drive as we passed through desert, forest, mountains and White Sands. I can only post three here since the internet connection is s-l-o-w tonight.

Lincoln Nat’l Forest with Fall Colors along US-70:

White Gypsum Sand in White Sands Nat’l Monument:

Crossing the Rio Grande in Las Cruces:

We will be staying here in Deming for another R&R type of day tomorrow. I’ll probably post something again tomorrow, even though we’re not planning much for the day.

Camping Day 7 – More R&R

We let the dogs wake us this morning, which isn’t exactly sleeping in, but we were rested enough. We spent the day relaxing again with an afternoon walk and venture into the souvenir shop where Damsel got a pair of earrings and I got a watch cap, both with the little green men thing going on – we are in Roswell, NM after all. See the image below.

I did take a short work-break to clean some of the bugs off of the windshield – it takes a long-handled brush and squeegee to reach up the 12 feet to get to the top.

Tomorrow, we’re off again, heading southwest and winding up in Deming, NM for the next couple of days. Our route takes us by the White Sands National Monument and we may pull in there for some photo ops and to walk the dogs.

Camping Day 6 – Roswell, NM

Image above: one of the aliens that abound in these parts pointing to his “other” home.

We’re camped in the central area of Roswell, NM this evening after driving from the Texas Panhandle I didn’t get a photo of the camp site, but showing the little green greeter at the campground instead.

I did get a photo of the RV while we were still in Texas at Palo Duro Canyon State Park, however, pictured below.

The “Little Grand Canyon” of Texas, near Amarillo, is nice, but having been to the real thing many times over the years, this place was OK, but not on the same scale as our Arizona “5th wonder of the world” Grand Canyon. Damsel got a couple of photos of the little canyon one of which is shown below.

We will be taking another rest and relaxation day tomorrow with only a couple of chores, Damsel may want to do some shopping for creepy little UFO and Alien souvenirs at the gift shop here. We will be headed southwest Thursday, planning to get back closer to Arizona, but still at a leisurely pace.

I’ll post anything significant (or maybe mundane) tomorrow.

Day of Rest and Dining

We’re still in the RV Park here in Canyon, TX doing as we said yesterday, that is relaxing and dining. We got up leisurely at around 9:30 AM local time (7:30 AZ time) and spent the day doing the routine with the dogs and getting in a shower for both of us.

The only real work effort was to get out the Grill and Propane bottle and set it up. The other work was done by Damsel to get the chicken ready to grill and prepare the salad.

Image: BBQ Chicken Roasting in the Grill Box

Image: Chicken and Dinner Salad, Served

After dinner, we took the dogs for a walk; when they had done their business, they went back in the motorhome and we continued our walk around the park. This evening, thanks to the on-board satellite TV system, we’re watching some baseball games; thanks to my new smartphone, we’re getting a 5G connection on our computers through the shared Wi-Fi feature. Life and retirement is good.

Camping Day 4 (and 5) – Canyon, TX

Almost 4½ hours of driving time, not including a couple of rest stops, and we are here camping in Canyon, Texas just a few miles from Palo Duro Canyon State Park, the so-called “Grand Canyon of Texas.”

We are going to just relax tomorrow here at the RV Park and have our what normally would have been Sunday Dinner on Monday. We plan to drive through the State Park Canyon on Tuesday morning and then head off to Roswell, NM.

We may blog about something tomorrow if deemed worthy of your time (LOL).

Annular Solar Eclipse Day

Above, first order of camping business is to show the RV parked at the American RV Park taken after the day’s festivities. This is the third time we’ve camped at this particular park – once in2017 and again in 2019.

Now, in 2023, we’re back again to witness one of God’s spectacles, to wit, the great annular solar eclipse of 2023. Without going into a lot of detail, this is an image of the annularity taken by Damsel this morning at 10:37 local time.

Click on either image to enlarge.

Tomorrow, we will be headed to the Texas Panhandle.