Back in Arizona

We are in Benson, AZ for the evening. We have elected to take short trips per day to reduce stress and weariness, therefore we will not be home until Sunday, having one more camping night on the road at Gila Bend, AZ, tomorrow evening.

We selected tomorrow’s campsite specifically to avoid driving through the Phoenix Metro area, which is stressful given the driving crazies and construction in that area. Last fall, we made the mistake of driving through that area and vowed to avoid it as much as possible.

As for today’s campsite, Benson is a nice town along Interstate 10 in Cochise County, AZ. We selected this campground since it is far enough away from the Interstate to be quiet overnight, yet is convenient to get back on I-10 without any hassle.

We’re both looking forward to getting home, since we’ve been on the road for almost a month. Don’t get us wrong, though, since we have had a lot of fun, good eats, relaxation, adventure (seeing new places) and, most of all, another eyewitness of a magnificent solar eclipse.