About Cap’n Bob

I’m a law-and-order, fiscal conservative, residing in Arizona. I was born in California, as were both of my parents. I’m a Vietnam-era veteran of the US Navy. I recently retired from a well-known defense contractor. I still hold an airline transport pilot certificate (hence the “Cap’n” title), although I’m retired from flying. I enjoy listening to country, classical and jazz music (and some other genres), I play piano and ukulele (sometimes passably). I like photography, internet technology, web programming and web design. I also enjoy traveling with Damsel (my better half) 🙂 to scenic places.

Damsel and I actively support the men and women in our military, as well as supporting a number of charities that we know to piss off progressives when we do. Examples include The Second Amendment Foundation, CO2 Science (anti global warming studies) and a number of Military Veterans charities.

Yep, that’s me by the Nenana River near Denali in the Alaskan interior, and also me piloting a Hughes 269B Helicopter “zero-eight-foxtrot” departing on an aerial photography flight from Santa Monica Airport.