About This Weblog

Our humble weblog is intended to be for entertainment and enjoyment while communicating our perspectives on life and politics. We like to share not only our opinions and ideas, but some of our love of beautiful things around us. You will see everything from flowers to firearms depicted on this weblog. We hope that it’s a good mix of information, commentary, photography and occasional humor.

We love our military and our veterans. We support the USO, Wounded Warriors, Soldier’s Angels and several other charities when we can.

We believe in the rule of law and support our first responders. We believe in protecting our children from predators. We believe that the ACLU and “progressive thinkers” undermine the Constitution and endanger everyone.

We believe that the mainstream media regularly abuse their first amendment privilege by “engineering the news” to favor their political positions – generally to the left of clear-thinking Americans (and some to the far left). The media are often caught reporting lies (or omitting truths) but suffer few consequences in doing so.

We love the sciences and astronomy. You will find this in our content. We are fascinated by space exploration, and you will also find this topic here from time to time.

We believe that global climate change is a consequence of natural forces and that humans only have a limited effect in locales inhabited by them. We pass along science that supports these ideas. We will point out the errors made by climate alarmists when we find them.

We love sport shooting and owning firearms. You will find articles and commentary on guns here. We believe in the militia and every citizen’s right to own and bear arms. We believe in concealing and carrying weapons. We believe in the Castle Doctrine.

We love photography; you will see plenty of photos and a few videos here.

You can read about Cap’n Bob and the Damsel on our profile pages.

Finally, you can make comments on any of our articles or leave private feedback if you wish. We love hearing from the readers of this weblog. We hope you enjoy it and will visit often.