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Formation of Sun Spot 1130

The latest sunspot (number 1130) formed suddenly over the past two days. The image at the right shows the two day period in time lapse. You can see the spot forming in the top hemisphere just above the solar equator. You can see the full sized video here.

This winter, according to several AGW skeptic blogs and websites, promises to be quite cold. Our experience in Southern California over the last fifteen days is reported to be the record coldest for this period - and it’s not even winter yet.

I guess the lackluster return of solar activity in the solar cycle has contributed to the cold weather. We have written several articles over the past few years that show how the Sun affects global climate. Two important ones are:

In the latter article, I listed some conclusions about the climate change scam:

  1. The media will print or broadcast sensationalized headlines to sell copy regardless of scientific value
  2. The media will print or broadcast manipulated science with half-truths and invalid conclusions to damage politicians with whom they do not agree
  3. Politicians seize on these unverified claims in order to blame their opponents
  4. Uneducated/uninformed people are as gullible as ever

Unfortunately, even after Climategate, these conclusions still are valid.

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Radio Wickenburg

kswgWhen we’re in the Phoenix/Wickenburg area, we listen to KSWG-FM 96.3 “Real Country” radio. The genre is country and western but the difference between this station and those we have in the Los Angeles area is that KSWG plays both old and new country hits.

While we seldom hear Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard in L.A. it is a regular thing to hear the old classic C&W stars in Wickenburg and Phoenix. They also play many of the current country music hits as long as they’re not that hip hop crap played on the L.A. C&W outlets.

As soon as we cross over the Harcuvar Mountain pass on US 60 in La Paz County, we are within the station’s coverage area. We then tune the SUV radio to 96.3 and enjoy the remaining 60 miles of the drive to our new home town while listening to Real Country.

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Hybrid Cooked Baby Back Pork Ribs

hybrid-ribs.jpgThese get the term “hybrid’ because of the two methods used to cook the ribs. We slow cook them in the crock pot for several hours and transfer them to the grill for the final basting. Cooked this way, the meat almost literally falls off the bones.

We cut the rack of ribs in half so they can fit in the crock pot. Then they go in a plastic zip bag to marinade overnight. The marinade consists of fruit juices (apple, pineapple, orange) and a home grown BBQ sauce. The orange juice, by the way, came from oranges harvested yesterday from our backyard dwarf navel orange tree.

Damsel’s killer BBQ sauce is a key to this delectable entrée. It is vinegar based with brown sugar, savories (onion,garlic) tomato sauce (I used catchup), mesquite (or hickory) smoke flavoring and your favorite chili powder (cayenne, ancho).

We served the ribs with maple flavored baked beans and broccoli slaw marinated in Damsel’s tangy dressing. The image shows the final grilling stage of cooking. You can click on the image to enlarge it to drooling dimensions.

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Nork Patdowns

The Administration’s solution to two problems at once . . .


Ramirez does it again.

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The U-Haul® Migration Theorem

trailer.pngDamsel and I are expecting some fixtures we ordered to be delivered to our California residence. Since the fixtures need to go to the Arizona residence for installation, we will need a way to transport them when they get here.

I looked into renting a trailer from U-Haul for a one-way trip. We only need a single day rental, but they say all rates are for up to three days of use. U-Haul quoted an on-line rate of $101 for their smallest cargo trailer one-way from the L.A. area to Wickenburg.

Image: 4′ x 8′ Cargo Trailer - courtesy U-Haul®

We’re not yet convinced that renting a trailer is the most inexpensive way to get the packages to the new house. We’re considering alternatives such as hauling the packages on the SUV’s cargo rack under a tarp and secured with bungee cords.

I remember someone blogging about U-Haul being a good indicator for migratory trends. Because of the law of supply and demand, it should be less expensive to rent a one-way trailer (or truck) in the direction that is less popular. Sure enough, when I reversed the route on the website, the rate dropped from $101 to $67 for the three day period to go from Wickenburg to the L.A. area.

I didn’t test the U-Haul migration theorem any further than this one comparison, but the results told me what I expected - people are leaving more than they are arriving. After the recent election results in California, who could blame us?

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Thanksgiving Day

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing . . .


Turkey breast with all the trimmings: mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, cranberry jelly, Damsel’s killer dressing, candied yams, steamed broccoli and a buttermilk dinner roll. Thanksgiving dinner plus 3 NFL football games today equals thankfulness in our household.

We hope you enjoyed your day as much as we have. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Happy Thanksgiving

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