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Arizona Still Number One for Gun Owners

S&W 686Yesterday, I learned about Arizona’s status as the best state for gun owners. The Arizona Citizens Defense League notified us about the Guns and Ammo Magazine survey via email and FecesBook®.

Image: Damsel’s Smith & Wesson 686 in .357 Magnum. Click on the image to enlarge.

For the SIXTH consecutive year Guns and Ammo magazine has rated Arizona as the #1 state for gun owners. The ratings are published in the November 2018 issue. Click here to view a copy of the ratings.

The AZCDL email contained the following information:

States were measured by the following criteria:

▶ Right To Carry
▶ Treatment of “modern sporting rifles” (ARs, AKs, etc.)
▶ Magazine capacity limits
▶ Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground
▶ Treatment of NFA firearms
▶ Miscellaneous issues such as constitutional protections, preemption, restrictions on gun or ammo purchases, CCW reciprocity, availability of places to shoot, etc.

Arizona scored a perfect 10 in the numerically rated categories and a YES in the Magazine Capacity Unlimited column. The citizens of our state owe our great score to the relentless efforts of the Arizona Citizens Defense League who, since 2005, have organized and lobbied for our Constitutional and God-given rights to self defense.

Open the G&A Report (.pdf) to see where your state is ranked by Guns and Ammo.

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Keep on Target for Breast Cancer Awareness

six-shooter bra

The Wickenburg Community Hospital sponsored a Bra Decorating Contest to highlight Breast Cancer Awareness month. There were a lot of nice entries, but my favorite was this brilliant presentation of pink targets and pink six-shooters in pink holsters. I loved it (and it got my vote). How could you not if you are into guns and target shooting.

There must have been a couple of dozen entries, most of them very creative and beautiful. The Arizona Flag and Red/White/Blue bra was very nice too. Click here to see the Arizona decorated bra.

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Cleaning the Hawg

cleanup.jpgWe went shooting today. Since we have been arranging for our new Arizona home, we have been remiss in going to the range. When we came home, it was time to get out the gun cleaning toolbox and scrub off all the crud.

I took this picture of my Warthog after I got her all cleaned up. The .38 special rounds are for my other gun. Click on the image to enlarge.

We shot our .38 special S&W 442, our .357 magnum S&W 686, our .45 ACP Glock 30, this gun and our Remington 870 12 gauge security shotgun. We were a little out of practice but we both felt better about shooting.

We had a lot of fun but today was our last trip to Sharpshooter.

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GBR Flashback

I took this shot at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous last September. Mike is familiarizing Damsel with the competition pistol he uses. We recently saw him in a sequence on Downrange TV using this gun. To the left you can see Kevin and Chuck enjoying the outing. We’re expecting to attend again this year and join bloggers like Kevin, Mike and Chuck in an excursion to the shooting range. Click on the image to enlarge.


For some GBR nostalgia, go here.

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Range Report

sw908s.jpgWe decided to take the 9mm pistols to the range today. We brought a hundred rounds of 9×19 ammo. I brought my Glock 26 subcompact and Damsel brought her S&W 908s. The latter being a little workhorse with a single-stack 8 round magazine. This nice little gun has been one of our most reliable guns but seldom sees much praise when we post about shooting.

Image: Damsels 908s after clean-up. Click to enlarge.

We actually have two of these, a ‘his’ (in black) and ‘hers’ - this one - the ’s’ after 908 indicates ’silver’ finish. As I said before, these guns have been pretty reliable. We have had them for several years, shoot them regularly, and have only replaced the slide springs and spring guides in them after one of the two was showing some wear.

We also took two shotguns today - the 12 gauge Remington 870 Security Shotgun and Damsel’s 20 gauge shotgun. As usual we took 25 rounds for each gun. You can read more about shooting them here.

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Range Report

wadcutters.jpgWe took our .38 and .357 shooters to the range today. We scored some .38 special “wad cutters” reloaded ammo last week and wanted to send a box of those downrange. The wad cutters, also known by the rather descriptive term “The Devil’s Suppository,” make a nice distinct hole in paper targets. A while back, Damsel posted an image in “I shot Mickey Mouse,” where you can see the clean holes in the target.

Image: wad cutters - click to enlarge.

We were able to see the holes appear in the target quite well, even though we had taped it to some scrap cardboard an eighth of an inch thick, or so. I would have bought another fifty rounds of wad cutters at the range today, but, unfortunately, they were all sold out. We still have 150 rounds of wad cutters which we will use with discretion.

Speaking of scoring ammo, we found some UMC .357 magnum at our Big 5 store for $31/box of 50. I got a couple of boxes. Expensive, but you never know when the well is going to dry up - again.

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Target Weighting

When the shooting range where we have a membership refurbished the range, they replaced the conventional heavy target holders with a flimsy coat-hanger and Boston clip kluge. Last Sunday, our regular day to shoot, I forgot to bring the lightweight cardboard backing for the silhouette targets. As a result, I got a heavier duty cardboard target backing at the range.

When Damsel was shooting with her 20 gauge, I noticed that the target was ‘dancing’ less as a result. In the video, compare a lightweight target backing with the heavier one from this time. It makes me think that we need a heavier backing still to help stabilize the target.

It’s too bad that we have to compensate for the cheapness in the target holders, but we have little choice since this range is both convenient and (relatively) inexpensive. We plan to continue experimenting with this.

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