Day of Rest and Dining

We’re still in the RV Park here in Canyon, TX doing as we said yesterday, that is relaxing and dining. We got up leisurely at around 9:30 AM local time (7:30 AZ time) and spent the day doing the routine with the dogs and getting in a shower for both of us.

The only real work effort was to get out the Grill and Propane bottle and set it up. The other work was done by Damsel to get the chicken ready to grill and prepare the salad.

Image: BBQ Chicken Roasting in the Grill Box

Image: Chicken and Dinner Salad, Served

After dinner, we took the dogs for a walk; when they had done their business, they went back in the motorhome and we continued our walk around the park. This evening, thanks to the on-board satellite TV system, we’re watching some baseball games; thanks to my new smartphone, we’re getting a 5G connection on our computers through the shared Wi-Fi feature. Life and retirement is good.

Annular Solar Eclipse Day

Above, first order of camping business is to show the RV parked at the American RV Park taken after the day’s festivities. This is the third time we’ve camped at this particular park – once in2017 and again in 2019.

Now, in 2023, we’re back again to witness one of God’s spectacles, to wit, the great annular solar eclipse of 2023. Without going into a lot of detail, this is an image of the annularity taken by Damsel this morning at 10:37 local time.

Click on either image to enlarge.

Tomorrow, we will be headed to the Texas Panhandle.

Camping Day 2 (and 3) – Albuquerque

Lot of driving and stops for supplies and fuel today. There will be no camp picture until tomorrow since it was too dark to get a decent photo this evening. We are safely camped and getting ready for the eclipse tomorrow. We paused at Petrified Forest NP today and got a picture of painted desert. We didn’t go through the entire park due to time restraints.

Painted Desert:

Balanced Rock near I-40 in western New Mexico:

Giant Navajo Pot Gallup, NM:

All Photos courtesy of Damsel.

Maybe some “Ring of Fire” photos tomorrow.

Camping Day 1 – Holbrook, AZ

Just a quick post to let y’all know we’re on the road headed for Albuquerque to witness the annular eclipse on Saturday 10/14/2023. We’re camped in Holbrook, AZ tonight and will head out tomorrow to the next stop at American RV Park.

We may post some pix from Painted Desert and/or Petrified Forest tomorrow night after the commute.

We saw these on or way here:

Saguaro Forest AZ on Hwy SR74

San Francisco Peaks approaching Flagstaff on I-17

UPDATE: We had a dramatic change in weather – the overnight low in Holbrook was 29°F!

Fourteenth Retirement Anniversary

These various anniversaries seem to be coming faster and faster. Perhaps it’s just my imagination, but it seems like we just celebrated thirteen years of retirement! Tempus Fujit!

Our goals that we set a year ago never seemed to come to fruition; we were supposed to take the RV on a shakedown cruise and never got to it. We were too busy enjoying retirement I guess. Anyhow the plans for the cruise have changed and we’re going to head out soon. We had the Diesel shop inspect everything and got new tires for the trip. It should be fun. See our Eclipse Countdown Page for a preview of one planned destination.

During the next year, we have a loose plan to visit the homelands of some of our ancestors. We have traced our lineage back to the 6th great grandparents in some of our family trees and wish to see the places where they farmed, built homes and lived their lives as pioneers. It should be interesting and inspirational.

And now, as we head into our fifteenth year of retirement (25th for Damsel), we thank God for our good health and plan to ask His blessing on more of the same.

Blogiversary No. 18

Every year our Blogiversary falls on or around the Autumnal Equinox; in this year’s case, equinox is tomorrow, so happy fall y’all! Our weather has been like “second spring” for over a week now, and we’re expecting the same until near the end of October when the temperatures usually start cooling down.

As for the Cap’n Bob and Damsel Blog. we are now old enough to be considered an adult blog (however, not in the nasty or obscene sense). Our sporadic blogging still continues with a few offerings a month and when warranted, daily accounts of significant events such as traveling reports, etc.). We should be reporting on our Eclipse excursion next month.

Thank you all for watching over us these many years and hope to see you here whenever we post something.

RV Gas Run

Image: All done with fueling and getting ready to back up the RV drive

Blogging has been sparse as of late, mostly due to an ongoing problem with home repair since June. That problem, which is now completely resolved, will be discussed in detail and will be posted in a subsequent blog later in September.

Given that we’re going to be traveling to Albuquerque in October (only about six weeks from this post date) to witness the annular solar eclipse in October, we’re getting the big RV ready for the trip. It has been idle in its parking spot in the RV drive behind the house for too much time (I am embarrassed to say how much time). So, today was the day to fire it up and head to the gas pit to take on some fuel.

I say the RV has been “idle” which is not exactly the case since I have a weekly chore where I fire up the diesel engine once a week for fifteen minutes or so and I fire up the 6KVA generator once per month. We check the fluids, air pressure the satellite TV receiver and several other functions just to make sure all is well. We have had some maintenance done in place with Air Conditioning and Awning Repair, and one big electrical problem.

So, after running the engine for all this time, we have been getting Zero MPG, but the big guy was getting down to the red arc on the fuel gauge thus requiring a trip for Diesel. I went through the preflight checklist and got the RV ready to go to the station for some fuel. The price of diesel, of course thanks to Bidenomics, was upward of $4.68/gal today, so I used my reward points from Safeway/Chevron to get the first 25 gallons at a $1.00 discount. I only put 25 gallons in (the tank holds 90 gals) and when I get another ten reward points on my Safeway card I will put in another 25 gallons.

So the big guy is again on the RV drive where we will be getting it ready for the upcoming excursion to Northern AZ and Albuquerque. We also might be upgrading the tires, since they have had some hard time sitting in the Arizona Heat and Cold. Nothing lasts very long in the elements here. More on that when it’s time.