Two Games

Two Games

While we often watch two simultaneous sporting events, this is the first weekend of 2014 that we can watch our baseball team and some NFL pre-season games. On the top TV, Mark Trumbo prepares to bat for our favorite Arizona Diamondbacks and on the bottom TV, the Baltimore Ravens are playing the San Francisco Forty-Niners in week one (of four) pre-season scrimmages. Earlier, we were watching NASCAR on one TV and baseball on the other. Click on the image to enlarge.

We don’t just spend our weekends watching sports; we cooked some meaty pork baby back ribs in the crockpot and finished them up on the grill outdoors. They were served with baked beans, Cole slaw and broccoli. Drool alert!

Red Field, Blue Field


Damsel and I spent much of the day watching college football games. The best one was Arizona vs. Nevada in the “New Mexico Bowl.” Arizona trailed most of the day, but in an exciting last two minutes of play, the Wildcats came from behind to win 49 to 48. What a finish!

There was one other bowl game today, the “Famous Idaho Potato Bowl,” from Boise, Idaho, featuring Toledo and Utah State. That’s the blue field of Boise State on the bottom screen. There also was a late tournament semi-final game with Sam Houston State at Eastern Washington. That one is the red field of EWU at Cheney, WA, southwest of Spokane.

I took this image while both games were underway – it’s really unusual to see two non-green football fields on at the same time. Click on the image to enlarge.

Targeted Public Service Commercials

There was a free preview to DirecTV’s “Extra Innings” MLB access channels which we have been taking advantage of over the last few nights. The preview is over now, but we got to see some pretty good games.

Last evening, Damsel and I watched the baseball game between the New York Yankees and the Oakland A’s. The broadcast originated in Oakland, but the sportscasters were with the Yankee organization, so the broadcast and the commercials shown were intended for New York’s fans.

We watched several games, but never saw this TV spot until last night. We’re sure glad that we live in a place where this sort of spot never has to be televised.

One Year Ago Today

Last year, February 6th was Superbowl Sunday. It was the first time we watched the big game in our new Arizona home. At that time, we had yet to acquire much furniture and we watched the Packers defeat the Steelers while sitting on folding chairs and using a picnic cooler for a table. I grilled up a couple of tenderloin steaks on the little portable charcoal grill. We ate the meal and enjoyed football afterwards. Click on the grill to see the tenderloin steak, baked potato and asparagus meal we ate that day.

Half Million Visits Milestone

half-mil.jpgSometime between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, the old sitemeter counter rolled past the five hundred thousand visit point. We don’t have a real high-volume visitors to the site like some of the Pajamas Media folks out there, but we do have high-quality folks like you that read our words. So, thanks for coming around.

The college football bowl season ends next Monday with the LSU/Alabama BCS Championship game. After that, you can expect us to post more frequently than we have this past couple of weeks.

Football Playoff Season

football.gifOver the next several weeks, we will be enjoying football. The last three weeks of the NFL regular season is upon us with the playoff season after that. Additionally, college football bowl season is here with three games coming up on Saturday.

Most games will be played on television during prime time. Prime time is when we usually write our blog posts, so you can expect that we will be posting sporadically until after the Superbowl in February. That will be true on the other site as well.