Make Mine Freedom

I found this buried in comments on a post on Facebook. The animated cartoon was made in 1948 and features voice impressions of Daws Butler who did voice overs for Beanie and Cecil, Yogi Bear and many others. This was produced back in the era when some of the colleges and media were still sane.

Breaking News

roadblock.jpgThe local (Los Angeles) TV stations are all breathlessly covering the Dorner case. This is a very important news story, especially for people in the immediate San Bernardino County area where the manhunt continues.

At this time, they believe the suspect is still inside a cabin near Big Bear. The cabin appears to be on fire and the law enforcement resources are said to have the cabin surrounded.

They are not sure Dorner is still inside the burning structure.

As I write this. it is a half hour before the SOTU. If the drama in the mountains continues into the next hour, I hope that Fox LA has enough sense to stay with the breaking news rather than switching coverage to some bloviating, gun-grabbing socialist inside the beltway.

UPDATE: No way of knowing for sure until forensics clears the scene, but it appears Dorner is probably dead.

Acuña Cacti – Endangered Species Or Hype?

Acuña CactiAccording to the Associated Press, the acuña cactus is endangered by – get this – “drought and climate change and could be harmed by illegal immigration and border enforcement efforts.” (Via AZCENTRAL.COM.)

Pima County fact sheet for Acuña Cactus (Echinomastus erectocentrus var. acunensis) lists this species status as:

The Acuña cactus is a candidate species for the Threatened and Endangered list. The plant is protected by the Arizona Native Plant Law, and is protected for international trade by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

The population may be threatened by illegal take and natural causes such as parasitism.

There is reference to neither border enforcement, drought nor climate change by the Pima County fact sheet. They do mention illegal taking of the cacti. I note that the “protection” by laws and international agreements do little to protect anything.

It seems to me that the greenbat and open-borders (so-called) journalists at AP insist on injecting their own guidelines as to what could be causing the population decline. Damsel suggested that illegal aliens cross the border, steal the cacti and put them in little pots for sale to tourists or for export to landscape and garden shops in the US.

The lone comment on the article in AZCENTRAL said “more bull …from the agenda 21 extremist crowd.” I cannot disagree with that.