Meet Tucker

As we mentioned in our comments from last month’s post about losing Bay Bay, we were going to look for another dog to rescue. Well, today the Humane Society of Wickenburg had an adoption event at our local Tractor Supply store and just like that, we adopted Mr. Tuxedo whom we will call Tuck Tuck for short. He is a long haired Chihuahua with mostly black fur and a bit of white here and there. He is about a year old and was found wandering around in Wittman, about 20 miles southeast of Wickenburg.

He has only been “home” for a couple of hours, but is fitting in nicely with our activities and with the other dog. He is a very affectionate little guy and seems to demand a little attention which we happily have given. He has a good appetite, can be frisky at times, is leash trained and mostly housebroken. We are looking forward to taking care of him for a long time. In the (clickable) image above, he is resting his head on Damsel’s leg while getting rubbed. Just now, as I was typing in the story, he came into the office jumped into my lap and is resting as I finish this. I think we’re all happy about our new mutual relationship.

UPDATE 03-16-22: Since the adoption last week, we decided to dump the “Mr. Tuxedo” name and just call him “Tucker.” He is already recognizing and answering to the new moniker.

2 Responses to “Meet Tucker”

  1. drjim says:

    Awwwww.what a cute little guy! Good to see you got another dog. Rescues are the best, ost of the time. Ours was abused by neighborhood kids when she was little, and still cringes once in a while when I go to pet her.

    They KNOW they’re loved!

  2. CapnBob says:

    He is a good one, for sure and I can say that with less than 24 hours since we got him. He seems very comfortable with us and is still asleep with Damsel now (0820 AM).

    We still miss our other little guy, but this eases the loss in a way.