Return of the Turkey Buzzards


We know that spring is about to begin when we see cactus flower buds starting to form and the migrating Turkey Buzzards return from their winter repose down in Mexico.

Despite the cooler weather we’re currently experiencing due to a cold frontal passage, we see new cactus flower buds on our Beavertail and Hedgehog Cacti as well as seeing Turkey Buzzards soaring in the skies above. It should start warming up soon probably towards the middle (Beware the Ides) or the end of March. By June, we ought to be in our “dry heat” season during which the Buzzards remain and will so until after October when they again depart for Mexico’s warmer climate.

The photo above is an old one which I took in May of 2011, soon after we made the permanent move to Arizona. That was before we assimilated. Now, after nearly a dozen years, we can foretell seasonal changes via flora and fauna indicators. Click on the image to enlarge.

4 Responses to “Return of the Turkey Buzzards”

  1. drjim says:

    I’m finally starting to be the same way with the seasons here. Memories of my childhood come flooding back at the different smells of the seasons.

    The Canada Geese arrive between Halloween and Thanksgiving, and are here until about mid April. The Winter air is clean, fresh, and smells like Winter. Spring brings the aroma of flowers, Summer brings the smell of the pines on the Wind, and while Fall lacks the aroma of burning leaves here, the smell gets to be dried leaves and dying flowers.

    It just seems “right” to have seasons again after 35 years of MEH weather in SoCal…..

  2. CapnBob says:

    Damsel and I grew up in SoCal so we never had a “real” exposure to four seasons. I completely agree that the WX out there is “meh” until the Santa Ana winds came, but those are all too brief and don’t really seem like a seasonal change.

    And then there is the “smoke” season when the place starts burning down. Echhh – hope that never happens here.

  3. drjim says:

    SLW is “from” Iowa, but she grew up in Long Beach. This is her first experience of living with Real Weather.

    In retrospect, the weather in SoCal really started to get to me. It’s always the same, and it just got really boring…….

  4. CapnBob says:

    I agree that SoCal WX is boring. Our climate in AZ is considerably mild versus Colorado, but it still has definite changes, even within the seasons themselves. One example is “second spring” occurring in the early fall months here. It currently is quite cool due to frontal passage, but ten days ago it was 80 degrees. Damsel calls it “Tweeners” season.