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A Nasty Bug

Our little dog, Cabela, flushed this nasty-looking fellow from behind the compost bin today. She was about to investigate further (and probably would have been stung) but I held her away from the scorpion while I administered a stomp that ended the threat. It was still twitching a bit when I took the photo. Click on the image to enlarge.


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Living with Javelina

javelina.jpgAt dusk last evening, a herd of javelina meandered down the road in front of our house. There are seven adults and two offspring in this photo. There may have been one or two more.

Image: Herd of javelina - click on the image to enlarge.

We were in the office and would have missed seeing them were it not for Cabela’s loud barking from the great room. Damsel called to me to bring the camera. We went out into the courtyard where I snapped several photos. The herd then moved on down the road as they foraged for their evening meal.

The following is excerpted from Arizona Game and Fish Department page “Living with Javelina.”

Though some people think javelina are a type of wild pig, they are actually members of the peccary family, a group of hoofed mammals originating from South America. Javelina are common in much of central and southern Arizona, including the outskirts of the Phoenix area, most of Tucson, and occasionally as far north as Flagstaff. Javelina form herds of two to more than 20 animals and rely on each other to defend territory, protect against predators, regulate temperature and interact socially. They use washes and areas with dense vegetation as travel corridors. Javelina are most active at night, but they may be active during the day when it is cold.

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Cimarron Sage


UPDATE: Error correction. I used Cleveland instead of Cimarron sage - the Clevelands (3) are in the courtyard not by the driveway. I edited the title and the post accordingly.

This is a close up of one of several Cimarron sage bushes that our landscape contractor planted along our driveway. They planted five of these and three of five are doing great. One, near the top of the driveway was a slow starter, but it’s going to make it. Another completely died; the contractor will be out to replace it since each bush is guaranteed. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Shopping for Flashlights

flashlight.pngWe attended a class yesterday devoted to home protection and gun safety. One of the topics they taught had to do with equipment for the home. Of course, we already have firearms but we need to research some of the other tactical gear that we ought to have on hand.

UPDATE Image: Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13 LED Flashlight. This is the model we ordered.

The course instructor advised that if we’re going to have firearms handy that it is a very good idea to have a high-quality flashlight on hand to aid in locating and identifying potential targets. Not the cheap Chinese crap that you find at the discount stores, but a good, reliable and BRIGHT tactical flashlight similar to those used by military and law enforcement. Pursuant to that end, I have started a ‘wish list’ on a well-known on-line retailer site where I have entered several candidate flashlights. Over the next few days, Damsel and I will down-select to a single flashlight and then order two of them. One for her and one for myself.

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Damsel’s Chile Relleño Casserole

After completion of the days chores, the Damsel cranked out her wonderful chile relleño casserole garnished with avocado and refried beans - awesome! :) Click on the image to enlarge - please do not drool on your laser optical mouse.


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Hole in One

Digging his own grave . . . with a golf club! ;)


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Old Main Street

We headed down to the Metro Valley area today to run some errands. We dropped the dogs off at the groomer for their regular baths and cuts (Bear only - Cabela is already really short-haired). As we drove through the old Main Street section of town, I took this image of the old western buildings under an overcast sky. We did get a few drops of rain today, but nothing measurable. Click on the image to enlarge.

old town

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