WordPress and PHP Upgrade Complete

Arizona CardinalToday, we upgraded both WordPress on the blogsite and the Version of PHP on the server side. It turned out to be a several-step process with two intermediate WP upgrades in addition to the final WP update. We should be good for a while now that everything is copasetic with the Server configuration.

Image – An Arizona Cardinal is easily spotted hiding among the thinning leaves of our backyard mesquite tree. Click on the image to enlarge.

As you can see, the WP stock default theme is being used in lieu of our custom theme from before the change. This will be the theme until I can find a replacement theme that I can customize to resemble the previous theme. This may take some time since most of the WP themes I have been looking at are unsuitable for our familiar two column arrangement.

Thanks for your patience while we go about getting things customized. I still have our Food Blog site to upgrade, so I better get to that.

7 Responses to “WordPress and PHP Upgrade Complete”

  1. drjim says:

    Looks good! Everything seems to work as it did before.

  2. CapnBob says:

    OK Thanks, DrJim. I’m getting used to the way this new format handles spam and you were trapped in it. I will be looking for a compatible spam filter plug in over the next few days.

  3. drjim says:

    Yeah, when I tried to comment the first time, it spit back an error message. Tried again with a “test”, and it did the same thing.

    Almost sent you an email, but thought I’d wait until today to see if it cleared up.

  4. CapnBob says:

    Thanks for checking up on it. I switched to their premium spam catcher and all seems to be OK now.

  5. drjim says:

    OK, let’s try this again….

    It took my previous comment last night without an error message, but it didn’t show up like I’m used to seeing. No notification of”moderation enabled” or anything, it just didn’t show.

    If this one doesn’t show, I’ll try clearing the cache and reloading the page.


  6. drjim says:

    Comment showed immediately, so YAY!

  7. CapnBob says:

    OK Great – thanks for the Beta Testing, DrJim.