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Arizona Summer Sky

Arizona Summer Sky

We had some business down in the northwest valley today. We had an appointment for a follow-up procedure for Bob’s waterworks, the result of which was completely good news. Prior to that, however, I got to do some shopping at Walmart.

We are expecting another grandchild, so I bought a bunch of things for the baby boy who is due next month. We did some early Christmas shopping for the kids in our clan - nieces, nephews, etc. We also bought birthday presents for our great-grandson, whose first is in September. I always have fun shopping.

On the way back home along US 60 northwest of the metroplex, I took this photo of our beautiful desert cacti, sky and mountains. We thank God every day that we are out here in this splendid place and thank Him for our good fortune and health. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Say, didn’t he get that hunch from bending over and kissing the rings of our enemies?


Thank you, Michael Ramirez, for this brilliant cartoon, reminiscent of Charles Laughton and Anthony Quinn’s performances that are, likely, remembered by few.

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Nighttime Cactus Pollinator

Sphinx Moth and Argentine Giant Flowers

Damsel took her camera out in front of the house at dusk last evening to photograph a trio of Argentine Giant flowers that had opened. She took several photos while I walked the dogs for their next-to-last outing for the day.

After we finished our walk, I wanted to try my hand at some night shots of these beautiful flowers, so I took my camera out and walked down to the cactus. As I approached, I could see something hovering near the flowers. At first, I thought it might be a hummingbird, but It was getting too dark for that. I leaned over and just started shooting the camera hoping to capture what was going down.

When I finished taking pictures, I previewed the shots on the camera monitor and saw this beautiful moth that had been browsing the flowers. When I viewed the pictures on the computer monitor, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to get several clear images of the moth and flowers. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Arizona Queen of the Night Cactus Flowers

Queen of the Night

We were lucky enough to have watched these Arizona Queen of the Night flowers steadily growing on the host cactus since a few weeks ago. Tonight, I walked out to see if the buds were open yet, but they weren’t. They definitely looked as if they would open, so later, I ventured out again, well after dark, and saw them fully open. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Antarctic Sea Ice Not Cooperating with Alarmist Claims

I read a rather lengthy paper posted at CO2 Science entitled Sea Ice (Antarctic)– Summary. The paper was a summary of quite a few studies on the topic of Antarctic Sea Ice. One study featured this graph (click to enlarge) and a couple of paragraphs that point to the obvious lack of science in the Greenbat alarmists rantings about the polar ice caps melting.


Southern hemisphere sea ice extent anomaly (km2 x 106) for each September from 1979 through 2012, along with the five-year weighted average. Anomalies were calculated with respect to the 1981–2010 climatology. From Reid et al. (2013).

From CO2 Science:

Based on the results presented in the figure above, the five researchers calculate that sea ice extent in the Southern Hemisphere has experienced a mean positive trend of about 0.9 percent per decade, which is pretty amazing for a world described by climate alarmists as having experienced an unprecedented CO2-induced global warming ever since the dawn of industrialization and the mining and burning of coal, gas and oil, which they claim should be causing just the opposite to occur, i.e., a great reduction in polar sea ice extent.

In light of these seemingly inconsistent facts, therefore, the only thing we can conclude at this point in time is that for some still-unproven reason, and despite the supposedly unprecedented increases in mean global air temperature and atmospheric CO2 concentration that the planet has experienced since the late 1970s, Antarctic sea ice extent has stubbornly refused to do what climate models say it should be doing, as it just keeps on growing.

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The Last Saguaro Flower of Summer

Saguaro Flower

This flower opened on our big saguaro cactus out front this morning. Most of the flowers had come and gone in June, but last week we noticed a new flower bud. When I say last of the summer, I mean for this cactus, as there are others in town that will likely have more flowers to come. Maybe even this one will have more, but I doubt it.

Since the cactus is very tall, in order to see inside the flower, I had to take this shot from across the driveway with the telephoto lens. Canon SL1 settings: F8.0, ISO 100, Shutter 1/500 sec., Focal Length 300mm.

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Monsoon Skies over Arizona

Monsoon Skies

I took this photo from the courtyard looking east toward the Hieroglyph and Wickenburg mountains. There were still a lot of thunderclouds built up in the distance which I thought would be nice to frame behind our ocotillo and saguaro out front. Click on the image to enlarge.

The weather looks to still be likely thunderstorms in the area tonight and perhaps tomorrow, but the rest of the week looks like it should be sunny and warm (100°). I, personally, am hoping for lower humidity since the monsoons have the desert feeling more like a sauna bath or an old Navajo sweat lodge.

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