Nighttime Cactus Pollinator

Sphinx Moth and Argentine Giant Flowers

Damsel took her camera out in front of the house at dusk last evening to photograph a trio of Argentine Giant flowers that had opened. She took several photos while I walked the dogs for their next-to-last outing for the day.

After we finished our walk, I wanted to try my hand at some night shots of these beautiful flowers, so I took my camera out and walked down to the cactus. As I approached, I could see something hovering near the flowers. At first, I thought it might be a hummingbird, but It was getting too dark for that. I leaned over and just started shooting the camera hoping to capture what was going down.

When I finished taking pictures, I previewed the shots on the camera monitor and saw this beautiful moth that had been browsing the flowers. When I viewed the pictures on the computer monitor, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to get several clear images of the moth and flowers. Click on the image to enlarge.