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View From the Hill

uphill.jpgDamsel and I hiked up the hill behind our house today to look for any cactus flowers up there. We can’t see all of the vegetation on the hill from the patio, so we had to go up to look around. We also wanted to collect a few rocks for the expanded rock and cactus garden on the west side of the lot.

Image - view from the hill - click to enlarge.

While we were up there, Damsel took this photo looking toward the southeast. In the distance, above the garage vent, you can see Vulture Peak, which is one of the Hassayampa River Valley’s most recognizable landmarks. In the foreground,you can see our native desert vegetation which includes creosote, mesquite, cat’s-paw, cholla and palo verde. We have no plans to clear any of this since it is home to our desert critters that we enjoy watching.

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On Thursday, Damsel spotted a large lizard basking in the sun atop the rock where we were checking out the native American petroglyphs near Salome, AZ. These diurnal lizards emerge in the morning and, before seeking food, bask in the sun until its optimum body temperature of 100 - 105 degrees F. is reached. Their diet is fruit, leaves, buds and flowers.

From Arizona Leisure:

The Chuckwalla, sometimes called “Chuckawalla” is the second largest lizard in the United States, second to the Gila Monster.

Unlike the Gila, the Chuckwalla is not venomous. Although there are other species, the “Common Chuckwalla”‘ is primarily found in the southwestern desert areas including the Mojave Desert in California and the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. They are also found in Sonora, Mexico close to the Arizona border.


Click on the image to enlarge.

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Great Room Area Rug


We finished a lot of pending chores today, including installing our new area rug in the great room. We moved the furniture out of the way, laid down the carpet and moved the furniture back (whew). But it’s now done and looks great.

We also picked up our custom mirrors for the bathrooms to be installed next week. It’s all coming together. Click on the image to enlarge, but do it quietly so you won’t wake Cabela, who is taking a nap on the love seat.

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Petroglyphs Along US 60

For as long as we have been traveling back and forth between California and Arizona, today marked the first time we stopped to see these Native American petroglyphs along US 60 near Salome, AZ. According to a guide book we bought in a NPS visitor center, some of these could be as old a 1,700 years. Click on the image to enlarge.


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A Pink Spring Columbine


We went to the home improvement center today to get a few supplies to take Home. While we were in the garden shop I saw these nice pink columbines blooming. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Unlimited Arrogance

Ramirez’ latest cartoon illustrates how completely out of touch the Conspirator-in-Chief is with the principles upon which America was founded . . .


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The Light From Within

Happy Easter! This is a repeat of an Easter lily photo I posted back in 2007 . . .

This photo of an Easter Lily is unretouched other than cropping and resizing. A sunbeam coming through the window over the staircase hit this flower at just the right angle and place to make it look as though the inside of the flower was producing the light.


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