Premises Posted

Not much time to put something up, so I’ll just post this funny sign we saw on Saturday at the Sportsmen’s Club. Click to enlarge.


Not Exactly the Sistine Chapel

Damsel and I saw Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” on the ceiling of “Capella Sistina,” the Sistine Chapel. This cartoon is a crude, but clever satire of the “Job Creationism” this Administration and Congress has tried to foist upon the American Taxpayer as a ‘legitimate’ tactic.

Uncle Daddy

Critics of the administration (including us) believe that until the tax burden is lifted from the small business owners and working class taxpayers, jobs will continue to decline. The recent 0.2 percent ‘reduction. in unemployment is likely to the credit of year-end hiring bubble for the Christmas sales season.

It’s interesting that God in the cartoon is depicted as Uncle Sam. To all you entitlement freaks out there, he’s your Uncle Sam – Not your Sugar Daddy!