Announcing New Grandson Baby “G”


Late last night, the newest member of our family arrived to the outside world. “Baby G,” is the firstborn to our son and his wife. He was born at 11:02 PM last night in California, weighed in at a petite 5Lb 2oz and is healthy, cute as the dickens and already developing his personality. We can’t wait to meet him.

We are planning to visit with the family out there in September, with other stops planned in order to see the rest of the extended clan. We can hardly wait!

Update: We decided we couldn’t wait to see the new little guy since if we go this weekend we can see him while he is at his other grandparents place in the Coachella Valley, i.e. we don’t have to go into the LA Area swamp.

Meet Alex


This is Alex, our eight-month old great grandson, playing in a baby playset on the RV drive. He and his Mommy (our granddaughter) flew from California to visit us for the weekend. It was the first time that we got to see and hold him in person, rather than on the FecesBook™ thing.

Alex (Alexander David) is a delightful little guy, who is also gregarious, wanting to interact with people. He was not afraid of his great grandparents one bit and exhibited his coy little smiles and attempts at talking with us more often than not. Like all babies, he has his less cheerful moments with teething and other discomforts, but all in all, he was great to have around for a few days.

The both of them have gone back home, but I’m sure that they had a nice time visiting us. We hope to take a trip out west to see them and many of our friends and relatives real soon.

Another Grandson on the Way

Grandson Ultrasound

We have known for a couple of months that we are going to become grandparents yet again. My son called me today and announced that the ultrasound shows a 99% probability that this is a baby boy.

Even though we are already great grandparents, this is the first grandchild from this branch of the family tree. Our son and his wife both had careers to nurture before children, but we’re glad that the blessed event is on the way.

It was especially nice to get this news on Mothers Day. Happy Mothers Day to all.

Baby’s 3D Ultrasound vs. Post-Natal Pix

About 12 weeks ago, our grand daughter sent electronic copies of the 3D ultrasound pictures taken last June 30th. At the time, she also sent us a framed image of the ultrasound seen here that has been hanging on the wall above my desk in the office.

Slideshow image: click to alternate between pix.

Now that the baby is here, we saw the first images of him on the Book of Face and damned if he doesn’t look just like the 3D ultrasound that we’ve been seeing in the office for a couple of months. You can click on the image at the right to alternate between the 3D image and one taken yesterday in the hospital.

Medical instrumentation and technology have progressed to the point where we can get a preview of the little button nose, the pudgy cheeks and the shape of his face. Damsel and I can hardly wait until we see him in person next month sometime.

Baby Alexander David – Our First Great Grandson

Handsome Li’l Guy

Damsel and I welcome our first great grandchild to the world. The granddaughter gave birth to this beautiful li’l guy overnight. We already had a preview of his cute little face a few weeks back in the 3D ultrasound image.

We visited the new Mama-to-be and her sisters earlier this week, but we were too early to see the new baby. We plan to go back there very soon so we can see and hold him. We just finished a ten-day road trip and are resting from the effects of it, but now, we’re going to head back to Southern California next week and then to Northern California the week after.

Our First Great Grandchild – Updated

First Great Grandchild

Our granddaughter had her prenatal 3D ultrasound scan yesterday. She said “Hey guys. I’m 205 days pregnant. That means, only 75 days left.” She emailed me a set of the images.

This is the face of our first great grandson as seen in his mother’s womb with the aid of advanced ultrasonographic techniques. I got curious about the technology, so I looked it up; there was a brief description on Wikipedia.

From Wikipedia:

3D ultrasound is a medical ultrasound technique, often used in obstetric ultrasonography (during pregnancy), providing three-dimensional images of the fetus.

There are several different scanning modes in medical and obstetric ultrasound. The standard common obstetric diagnostic mode is 2D scanning.[1] In 3D fetal scanning, however, instead of the sound waves being sent straight down and reflected back, they are sent at different angles. The returning echoes are processed by a sophisticated computer program resulting in a reconstructed three-dimensional volume image of the fetus’s surface or internal organs, in much the same way as a CT scan machine constructs a CT scan image from multiple x-rays.

Our First Great Grandchild

It’s a Boy!

My granddaughter posted this on the book of face today. She is in her third trimester and is due in early September. It is really weird that people from this generation can know the gender and even see the child’s face in the womb, thanks to medical technology.

She tells me that this isn’t the best resolution ultrasound and she will be getting a “3D” scan next Monday for a better look at the baby’s face. Damsel and I plan to go to Northern California to meet the new baby this fall. In the meantime, we are keeping plenty busy.