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Christmas 2015

Damsel and I wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas! We hope that you all have been and will continue to be blessed as we have been.

We are spending our Christmas with each other and our dogs at home, away from the hubbub and secure in our little house. We plan to travel and visit with family and friends after the new year begins.

Damsel took the image seen in the animation above on New Year’s Eve, 2014, just about a year ago. It was the ONLY snow day that we have seen in the five years since moving to Arizona.

Again, blessings to you and yours and enjoy the Christmas Holiday.

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Circular Contrails

Circular Contrails

We frequently see condensation trails over the desert, but they almost always appear in straight lines or showing a minor dog leg over an airways facility or when vectored. Today, Damsel called me out to the courtyard to witness these circular contrails being painted as we watched.

All I can figure is that these were military aircraft making high-altitude maneuvers. The aircraft involved were due south of our location, possibly directly over Luke AFB or one of the outlying training facilities near the Northwest Valley of the Sun.

Shortly after our morning observation of these unusual sky circles, they all sublimated away and have not been seen again. Click on Damsel’s image to enlarge.

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Sky Fire Sunset

Sky Fire Sunset

After I posted photo of Sky Fire Roses last week, I had been hoping to post an actual sunset photo with those gorgeous colors. Well, last evening the weather cooperated with me and presented this brilliant sunset. I took this image of the sky from our courtyard looking west. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Christmas Shopping and Shipping Done!

Christmas Shipping DoneWe left many relatives and friends in California when we moved to Arizona. We still like to get Christmas gifts for the children who live out there (grandchildren, a great grandchild, nieces and nephews). So, today was my day to finish Christmas wrapping, Christmas cards and Christmas shipping.

I spent some of the morning addressing envelopes and stuffing them with our custom cards. Our card exchange list is pretty small, so that didn’t take too much time.

Next, I brought out all the gifts we have been accumulating since last Christmas (yes, I shop all year long for the right stuff), wrapped them and put on the labels for each. Then, I packaged them into the five boxes destined for the five families out there with kids. Bob prepared the USPS Priority Mail labels for the boxes which I taped on to each one.

Image: Boxes at the mailbox ready for USPS pick up

We stacked all the boxes by the mailbox when they were ready. We just made it under the wire since a few minutes after we put them there, the USPS carrier showed up, loaded the boxes in the little van and headed off for the next stop along the route. Click on the image to enlarge.

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A Christmas Bouquet of “Sky Fire” Roses

Sky Fire Roses

We postponed our usual Thursday trip to shop for groceries until today because we were out in Palm Desert to visit our little grandson again. We got back home last night and shopped this morning. With the snowbirds back in force, the supermarket has taken on the aisle-clogged snow-zombie effect that we experience every fall and winter and it seemed to be worse on Friday.

The good news is that the flower concession had these beautiful “Sky Fire” roses. I bought a dozen plus some pine limbs and arranged our centerpiece for the weekend. I took this photo of the arrangement this afternoon. Click on the image to enlarge.

We just about have all of our Christmas decorations in place and only a few more items to get for gifts which we hope will be complete in the coming week. Then it will be packing and shipping.

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LGBT Air Force


While walking the dogs on Saturday, we heard a peculiar-sounding aircraft noise. When we looked, we saw this flying lawn chair attached to a giant fan pendulously hanging beneath an ultralight rainbow parafoil. My only thought at the time was that I did not know that the LGBT community had their own Air Force Flagship. And what are they doing here in the high desert?


Go back to Hollywood!

I apologize for the low-res photo. I only had my little pocket camera. Click on the image to enlarge.

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‘Tis the Season

Christmas Decorating

With the advent of the Christmas Season, each year, I put out our usual ornaments and decorations. The red balls on the green palo verde tree, the poinsettias around the mailbox, the wreath on the courtyard gate and the Nutcracker Guards on either side of the walkway.

Inside, we have a little Christmas tree, some Christmas troll dolls and a chili pepper wreath, among other various and sundry Christmas items. We are ready for our fifth Christmas in our wonderful retirement palace.

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