Meet Baby G

Sweet Baby G and Grandma

This is the reason we came the two-hundred plus miles to the California Desert: our new grandson!

His Mama is staying at the home of the baby’s other grandparents while his Daddy is back in town (the Pasadena, CA area) completing the room addition to accommodate the baby. This is good for us that he is in the Palm Springs area, since making the trip this far cuts off 120 miles of pretty aggravating driving if we were to go to the baby’s parents home.

He is only just over a week old and is the cutest little thing! I held him and fed him about two ounces of milk. While we were there, he was very alert for a newborn and was quite actively stretching and moving about. He didn’t cry or fuss at all.

He is small, still just over five pounds, but perfect in every way. He has a nice round head, long fingers and toes, is gaining weight and, of course, pooping and peeing his fair share. I hated to say goodbye for now when we headed back to our campsite.

The other set of Grandparents told us that the new little guy will be visiting them often and said we’re welcome to come here whenever he’s in town. We will probably be back in September when we are planning to take our next California trip.