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Happy New Year

May you all have a wonderful and prosperous 2011!


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Finished Granite


Remember the post we wrote about “Shopping for Granite?” Well this is how beautiful it turned out in the master bath. The same pattern is in both bathrooms and the kitchen. I love it. Click on the image to enlarge. Click on this link for a closer look at the grain in the little bathroom and on this link to see the granite in the kitchen.

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First Light - Southwestern Sconces

night-sconce.jpgThe final inspection is now complete on our new Arizona home. The contractor poured the concrete for the driveway yesterday and we had the first bed delivered to one of the little bedrooms. Things are moving right along.

The outdoor sconces are all installed and they are so beautiful! I took a picture of one of them on the shady side of the house with the light turned on and Bob doctored the resulting photo to simulate twilight. This is how they should look when the sun goes down. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Delusions of Grandeur

I do not understand how the delusionator-in-chief can possibly believe the country is better under his administration. Ramirez illustrates this concept perfectly . . .


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Non-Random Galactic Distribution

The Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS), using data from ground based telescopes in Arizona and Chile, plotted the locations of over a million galaxies. The amazing result shows that the locations of these galactic structures with respect to each other is that they are all locked into a gravitational dance that produces galaxies, galaxy groups and even larger superstructures in the universe. Read the article at Astronomy Picture of the Day.


Image courtesy NASA/2MASS. Click image to enlarge.

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Desert Jack

Yesterday, we spotted a huge jackrabbit on the road near the new house. I swear as big as a medium-sized dog. We didn’t see him today, but we did spot this smaller one.

We like our new neighbors - peoples and critters alike. Click on the image to to see the big picture.


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Neighborhood Panorama

We had to run a couple of errands this morning, so we stopped at our new house while we were out. I climbed the little hill behind the house to have a look around. While I was up there, I took a series of images of the neighborhood, panoramic style to stitch into the panoramic image below. The new house is just to the right of center. Click on the image to view the full-sized panorama.


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