Relocation Planning

koko_pebble_md_wht.gifOnly a couple more days, and I will be enjoying retirement. Well, maybe not at first, since there are myriad chores and planning ahead until we can relocate to a place where:

  • the tax bite is a whole lot less
  • cost of living is lower
  • mild climate
  • lower crime rate
  • we can buy and shoot most firearms
  • we can exercise our Utah CCW privileges or qualify for local CCW
  • there is more Kokopelli

I’m sure there are many more items I can add to this list.

We have talked about relocating to Arizona, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico – the options are open. Some areas within those states meet our requirements and others do not. There is much to research.

It is desirable to make the move sooner than later, but there is the matter of getting a fairly large Southern California home full of aged furnishings (and our junk, of course) with some items in mild disrepair, in shape to put on the market. It’s a daunting project, but we can work on it more-or-less full time.

Fortunately, we are in an equity position in our home and most likely will be able to pay off the mortgage plus purchase outright or make a considerable down payment on a home in the new location. It will depend on how extravagant we want to be in choosing a new home. Keep in mind that we are not planning to take many furnishings and no appliances with us. It will be a zero-time baseline on most items like that, so we have to take that into consideration in choosing a home.

Now – I have to figure out how to do all this California work while being a resident of another state. Not an easy prospect . . .

UPDATE: Scott Adams’ timing for this strip was perfect: