Range Report

Damsel shoots her WarthogWe had another good outing today. The range opens at 11AM on Sunday, and we were there a few minutes after 11. Inside the range, there were several booths occupied, but nobody had started fining yet. Just as we got our target sent out on the trolley, it seemed like everyone simultaneously started shooting as though the range master had called out “commence firing!” The range erupted with shots fired loud and not so much, ‘booms,’ ‘bangs,’ and ‘pops.’ It was kinda neat.

Looking around at the crowd in the range, we saw the usual regulars who we see every week. We make eye contact with them and nod ‘hello.’

Image: Damsel draws a bead on the target with her Para Warthog (Clickee Bigee)..

We saw a Dad giving his son a first lesson. I winced when I saw ‘sonny’ gripped his Dad’s Glock with his thumb on the rear of the slide. Dad quickly corrected sonny before he could dislocate his thumb.

There were several parties with women participants. There was a bunch who rented a shotgun and were amusing themselves with the recoil and large holes that the 12 gauge rounds left in the target – new people I guess.

On the way out, I bought ammo for next week. They were still out of 9mm reloads, but I still have some on hand in the safe at home. The guys at the range seem to think that the shortage of guns and ammo is going to relax soon.

The range is alive and well. I am comforted by the resurgent interest in the shooting hobby – no doubt as a result of the threats to the sport by the politicians that manipulated their way into power in this country. The more of us that understand guns and the second amendment, the better our chances to prevent the gun grabbers from their quest.