Bolton Tells NRA Beware of Foreign Anti-Gun Interests

john-boltonOver the weekend in Saint Louis at the NRA Convention, former UN Ambassador John Bolton told 3500 banquet attendees that foreign anti-gun interests are intent on depriving Americans of their second-amendment right to own and bear arms. Bolton cited a 2001 UN conference on small arms and light weapons wherein the majority of participants decided that private ownership of weapons should be banned worldwide.

Bolton also said that US proponents of gun control are turning to international interests in their efforts to deny gun ownership. Bolton said the United States’ bottom line is that this country will not agree to anything that infringes on the constitutional right to bear arms.

“Had the NRA not come forward … one could only guess what our State Department bureaucracy would have done,” he said.

The United Nations instead should focus on nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea, he said. Negotiations with these countries are more dangerous than productive, Bolton said.

The United States should not make general contributions to the United Nations, Bolton said. Instead, he said, “We should pay for what we want and expect to get what we pay for.”

Hear, Hear!

Hat tip NRA-ILA.

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