The Grand Narcissathon

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has degenerated into a politically-charged dynamo of progressive bulls**t ever since Bob Hope retired as Master of Ceremonies at the annual award presentations. Motion pictures like “Syriana” and “Buttf**k Brokeback Mountain” are in contention to win big, but, sadly, neither can be considered entertainment as much as attempts at public indoctrination to far-left political ideology.

And the ceremony itself is mostly a gathering of exhibitionists and narcissistic Celebridiots® seeking only to parade themselves as though they are the essence of the world. Moreover, the preparations leading up to the ceremonies takes their toll on the community. Streets are blocked off in the area about a week before the event which disrupts traffic for miles around. We’re fortunate that we don’t have to go through that area during the week leading up to the awards.

I refer to the pomp and circumstances of the Academy Awards where the Celebridiots® gather as the “Grand Narcissathon” – in which exhibitionists and self-important Star Whores parade their vanity before their groupies.

UPDATE: Crash won best picture much to everyone’s surprise. IMDB‘s preview poll had Crash in a distant second place to Brokeback Mountain, 46% to 25%. Given the total surprise to everyone, one might wonder if the Academy may have manipulated the results based upon negative vibes they were getting from middle America with regard to a gay cowboy flick.