Flat Earth, Hurricanes and Global Warming

Damsel knows why the earth is flat – at least around the Gulf and Southeastern U.S. “The hurricanes have kept it mowed flat for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years!” she exclaims, “And ‘Global Warming’ hasn’t got anything to do with hurricanes! It’s obvious to me, and I’m not a science person.”

Image: St. Andrew Bay Entrance Channel to Perdido Pass, Florida Gulf Coast (USGS)

I agree with her; and I am a science person. When I was supporting a project in Florida, I learned that the highest elevation in the state was only 300 feet above sea level – the entire state. Similarly, low-elevation terrain is characteristic throughout the Caribbean, the Southeastern U.S. and the Gulf of Mexico – the precise area where hurricanes strike after they develop.

Some misguided scientists claim they can model global warming trends using tree ring evidence combined with only 20th century atmospheric evidence; this produces the leftist-touted ‘hockey-stick’ curve that seemingly proves the guilt of mankind in his reckless production of carbon dioxide. However, the errors of this analysis method are proven by David Legates in his article ‘Global warming smear targets’ in the Washington Times.

So if the ‘hockey stick’ hypothesis is incorrect, it must be discarded. Then, what actually caused global warming in the last few hundred years? The increase in so-called ‘greenhouse gasses’ in the atmosphere? No, apparently not; it seems to be our own SUN. And that makes sense too – the sun is the main driver for all Earth weather patterns. Arthur and Zachary Robinson prove this with real data in their article ‘Science Has Spoken: Global Warming Is a Myth‘ originally published in 1997 in the Wall Street Journal. They even go on to make a case that increased carbon dioxide is having a beneficial effect on the environment!

Unfortunately, moonbat celebridiots such as Barbra Streisand, and politically-driven, uninformed politicians like John McCain and Hillary Clinton continue to perpetuate the lies by vacuously making public statements about things they are obviously not qualified to evaluate. See GOP Bloggers article ‘John & Hill Show Take Global Warming Myth on the Road‘ for more about them.

Additional reading: ‘The Myth of Catastrophic Global Warming‘ by Steven Brockerman.