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The Ayes Have It

Go vote at Studio B.

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The Farce at Turd Hole Bay

The true character of the persons speaking at opening of the General Assembly of the United Nations became evident as they delivered their remarks. President Bush was eloquent and visionary, speaking the truth about the nature of the enemy and what must be done. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke like the deluded power-hungry despot he is, and Hugo Chavez went beyond the pale with his insane and hateful rhetoric accusing the United States of seeking to dominate the world. Indeed, Chavez’ remarks seemed humorous to the president of the General Assembly.

If you care to indulge the insanity, Ahmadinejad’s complete rant is translated at Vital Perspective.

Allahpundit has a video of Chavez’ melt-down, in which he calls President Bush “the devil.”!

I still stand beside my assertion that the most dangerous people in the world congregate in sanctuary at the United Nations — these recent developments should convince all of us that the UN is completely worthless to the United States and we need to withdraw NOW.

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Yeah, What Jon Said . . .

Jon at GOP Bloggers seems to be as fed up with the United Nations as much as we are. I take it a step further and include regimes like Venezuela and North Korea in the mix along with Iran and Syria. All insane, all terrorists, all the time.

GOP Bloggers :: The UN Is Nothing More Than an Enabler of Violent Islamists, So America Must Withdraw

If the UN ever served a useful purpose, that role is now gone. Its peacekeepers are manifestly not effective at peacekeeping, whether as spectators for mass slaughter in Rwanda and Bosnia or observing a terrorist group’s massive arms build-up, but they are clearly adept at mass rape of children. So the “peacekeeping” function of the UN is no reason to keep it around and there is little else of value the organization does that cannot be handled through other multilateral arrangements.

Read the whole article — it’s a treasure trove of references to just why we should kick the whole lot of them out of Turtle Bay and do something good with our support.

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Faux Brass

Faux Brass: a class of former military officers who have shed the honor and pride of their commissions in favor of retreatist and defeatist policies.

In recent times, a few former military officers have rendered negative opinions on the War on Terror which includes ongoing skirmishes in Iraq and the current trouble in Gaza and Southern Lebanon. Now, let’s be clear that most current and former military “brass” support efforts worldwide in the certain-to-be-lengthy War on Terror. The major media, however, fail to show the overwhelming support for the effort among military brass.

Jack Murtha comes to mind as a former military-turned-politician who gets it wrong — redeploy, he says, to Okinawa(?!). Murtha also shamefully convicts our military prior to any charges being made.

It’s the same with John Kerry who offers that he could have done better if he were president — the trouble is, he offers no ideas, but only the same retreat and concede policy that has been his lifelong pursuit. Thank God that America caused him to concede the last election.

Another ex-military general-turned-presidential-candidate-turned-pundit, Wesley Clark, always portrays the administration in the anti-internationalization light. This from a former NATO Commander — not actually a U.S. Military function. Clark will always defer to the “international community” for policy answers.

Murtha, Kerry and Clark fail to put America first. American interests must first be served before worrying how the “international community” views things. After all, has the UN ever succeeded with anything they attempt, other than stealing from children’s programs and Iraqi oil profits? Nope.

These three examples of Faux Brass, Murtha, Kerry and Clark, each remind me of a certain loudmouth cartoon chicken trying to look like an eagle.

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The Real Disproportionate Response

Cox and Forkum nail it . . .

Why the hell do these various entities reject Israel’s response to Hamas and Hezbollah aggression? Anti-Semitism is the reason. C’mon Vatican — get real about this! To the rest of you anti Semites — why don’t you take a look at your own human rights records, oil-for-food involvement and over-the-top socialist policies?

Get US out of UN and vice versa.

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A Win for Kim

As I predicted in a previous article, the UN resolution passed today to censure North Korea had no teeth in it and in “record time” (according to US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton), was rejected by the North Korean delegate. Nothing — NOTHING — will get the attention of Kim Jong Il short of vaporizing his missiles and the launch and engineering facilities — nothing short of that.

Once again the UN proves itself to be completely useless.

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Diplomatic ADD

My guess is that Kim Jong Il wasn’t getting the attention he needs as one of the premier candidates for the world’s worst case of Diplomatic Attention Deficit Disorder. Right up there competing for the title is Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Right now, the United Nations Security Council is meeting to decide what wording to use in a stern letter to Kim. That’ll do the trick for sure, just like the retarded effort of the Clinton Administration to prevent Kim from getting nukes. In other words, useless.

See previous article The Four Most Dangerous Men.

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