Neighborhood Building Activity


For the past two days, there has been some activity on the lot immediately to our east. They are clearing a pad for potentially building a new home there. When I say “immediate” I mean the property boundary and not the site where the work is being done which is at least 150 feet east of our property line.

When crews completed their work for today (the second day of work), I went over to the area and made the panoramic image seen above. Click on the image to enlarge.

I also took a panoramic image of the access road to the pad. The road connects between the next street to our north and the pad in the image above. Their lot size is a little over two acres.

I spoke with the owner who says he is going to speculate on building and selling a 1900 square foot home (excluding an attached garage). He may be in luck since the housing market has started back toward the positive side in our area.

I may post progress updates as the work continues.

Back Lot Panorama

Back Lot Panorama

I took a couple of images from approximately the center of the back property line in the “unimproved” part of our property this afternoon. I combined the images into this panoramic image using Canon’s ZoomBrowser Photo Stitch software.

The image from left to right shows the west corner of the house at the left and gradually sweeps to the right to cover Damsel’s cactus and rock garden, the southwest property corner, the little wash with all the natural desert vegetation and the several neighbors buildings in the distance. The northwest property corner (circled in red) is just above the bottom of the wash below and approximately halfway between neighbor’s house on the hill (right of center with the flags) and the house with the Spanish tile roof on the right side. Click on the image to enlarge.

Rodeo Season in Town

Not only does Wickenburg get the “snow birds,” but the rodeo circuit also kicks into gear during the winter months. This rodeo setup popped up recently between US 93 bypass and the Hassayampa river in town.


This panorama is of the rodeo setup behind the cattle pens and hay bales in the foreground. The horse pens are to the left of this view. We have seen a LOT of equestrian trailers in town this week, some small and some in the “big rig” class. Click on the image to see the full panorama.

Chores Day

2012 August View

Damsel and I spent today doing some of the many chores that we have neglected for the past two months. I had a notion to trim the lemon tree by the RV drive, but the wheelbarrow had a flat; I knew about the flat tire, but only remembered it when I needed the wheelbarrow to haul the trimmings to the trash bin. I had a patch kit for the inner tube so I would be able to repair the flat.

But first, Damsel wanted to drain and refill the spa, so I hooked up the hose to the drain spout and got that going. I then attacked the flat tire issue. Lacking tire shop tools, I improvised with a wrench handle to get the tire and tube off the rim. I took the tube and inflated it a bit, immersed it in a tub of water and found the leak. I patched it up and reassembled the wheel. I was so tired after fixing the flat that I abandoned tree trimming for another day.

Damsel finished draining the spa and mopped it out. I then hooked up the hose for her to refill the tub. By the time the spa was filled, I rolled up the hose and started the spa heater. This weekend, we are planning to take a couple of dips now that second spring has arrived. We look forward to that.

The image above is from August 2012. Click on the image to enlarge.

Room With A View


Today is my Mom’s 93rd birthday. Damsel and I went to visit her today at her retirement ranch. While we were there, I took a couple of images of the view from the window of her room and merged them into this single panoramic image. Click on the image to enlarge.

Mom looks out the window and sees some mesquite trees, other cabins around the ranch, birds of many varieties and the cottontail bunnies that graze out there. She has been resident at the ranch for a little over a month now and has made many new friends and seems to be enjoying her new habitat.

More Erosion Control Project

More Erosion Control Project

I collected some more rocks from around the lot and placed them along the road to shore up the rocks I placed there on Wednesday. Damsel came out to help also. She took this picture of me working on the project when she brought the dogs out for their run.

I took the panoramic image seen above after the day’s work was complete. I still want to move more of the one-inch red gravel to cover some of the bare spots. Click on the image to enlarge.

Erosion Control Project

Erosion Control Project

About three weeks ago, I posted an item about some erosion along the front of our property. Today, since the temperatures were in the comfortable range of mid-eighties, I started transporting boulders from the back property and placed them along the edge of the path that the runoff takes when we get our summer gully-washers.

I still have a way to go before I will be done. I have some more one-inch red gravel to place on the bare strip on the right end of the area. I also will be transporting more medium-sized boulders to place in front of the ones I brought down today. I also intend to extend the rock wash at the right end a couple of feet to the confluence with the runoff coming down the road.

Click on the image to enlarge.