Camping Day 6 – Roswell, NM

Image above: one of the aliens that abound in these parts pointing to his “other” home.

We’re camped in the central area of Roswell, NM this evening after driving from the Texas Panhandle I didn’t get a photo of the camp site, but showing the little green greeter at the campground instead.

I did get a photo of the RV while we were still in Texas at Palo Duro Canyon State Park, however, pictured below.

The “Little Grand Canyon” of Texas, near Amarillo, is nice, but having been to the real thing many times over the years, this place was OK, but not on the same scale as our Arizona “5th wonder of the world” Grand Canyon. Damsel got a couple of photos of the little canyon one of which is shown below.

We will be taking another rest and relaxation day tomorrow with only a couple of chores, Damsel may want to do some shopping for creepy little UFO and Alien souvenirs at the gift shop here. We will be headed southwest Thursday, planning to get back closer to Arizona, but still at a leisurely pace.

I’ll post anything significant (or maybe mundane) tomorrow.