Happy Easter 2022

Damsel and I wish everyone a blessed and happy Easter Sunday. We will be commemorating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ at home with a small feast and our regular Sunday Holy Communion.

Since there are just the two of us, we will be enjoying Ham Steaks with sides of Brussels Sprouts and Mock ‘n’ Cheese.* Dessert will be Ice Cream over Apple Muffins.*

Image: Patriotic Easter Eggs by “KTC” courtesy of The Patriot Post.

* Our diet consists of low-carbohydrate items such as substituting cauliflower for pasta and baking with almond flour. Damsel has to watch the carbs and I have to watch the sodium although we compromise some of the time. We just had our annual lab work at the clinic and the results were normal for us with the Doctor’s recommendation to continue with our maintenance prescriptions.

2 Responses to “Happy Easter 2022”

  1. drjim says:

    He Is Risen!

    Happy Easter to you and Damsel. We spent the day “Up On The Mountain” at around 7500′ at the Clan’s homestead.

    Yes, I do feel a tiny bit closer to God up in the mountains!

  2. CapnBob says:

    Thank you for the Easter wishes, DrJim. We spent the day as I mentioned in the post above. We had a nice day with the temperature peaking at about 90°F on the patio out back.

    We might be about 5000 feet lower than where you were, but The Lord was still looking down upon us as we celebrated the day.