First Cactus Flowers of Spring, 2022

Actually, not the first ones*, but this is the first to open on the native cacti around the yard. Damsel took this photo of one of two flowers that were open today on a hedgehog cactus in front of the house.

From Wikipedia

Echinocereus is a genus of ribbed, usually small to medium-sized, cylindrical cacti, comprising about 70 species native to the southern United States and Mexico in very sunny, rocky places. Usually the flowers are large and the fruit edible.

The name comes from the Ancient Greek echinos, meaning “hedgehog” and the Latin cereus meaning “candle”. They are sometimes known as hedgehog cacti, a term also used for the Pediocactus and Echinopsis.

The article at Wikipedia lists most of the species of hedgehog cacti, but we’re not sure of which one this cactus belongs to. Click on the image to enlarge.

*There are several store-bought cacti in planters around the courtyard and other places which have already produced tiny flowers in 2022.

2 Responses to “First Cactus Flowers of Spring, 2022”

  1. drjim says:

    Definitely Signs of Spring here, too. The tulips have come up, the iris’ are growing, and a whole bunch of bulbs SLW planted last year have returned in force!
    Even the grass has started to green, and I could swear I’ve seen a color change in many of the trees around here. Not new grow, leaves, or even buds, but the branches themselves have developed some color. I know I’ve seen it before, but this years seems like most of the trees are getting the color.
    Probably get one more snow here, and it’ll be wet, heavy snow that only lasts a couple of days, and breaks trees, like the ash tree we had shed 35% of it’s canopy last Spring.

    And grandson #2, The NLG, is started to climb on anything and everything he can grab hold of. And once he gets pulled up, he starts to cruise around using the furniture to steady himself.
    Funny the things you don’t seem to notice about your own kids, but become Big Things when it’s a grandchild.

  2. CapnBob says:

    Damsel ordered some new bulbs which go in the planter in the courtyard. She already has paperwhites and poppies showing, a couple of freesias and an iris or two on the way. Glad our ladies like to green thumb.

    Our youngest grandson and his parents are planning a trip out this way over the coming weekend. We haven’t seen them for a couple of years – we don’t do California anymore. It’ll be good to see the (medium size) guy – almost 7 years old.

    Speaking of old, my two oldest granddaughters are turning 31 and 29 next month. Each of them have two babies of their own – ages 7, 5, 4, and 2.