A Loss for the Climate Hoax


Remember Michael Mann’s phony hockey stick curve of the early 2000’s which all the greenies jumped on as the end of the world due to Global Warming? That’s it in the top of the graph above. The second graph in the image is of actual European average temperatures over the last millennium.

The author of the second graph, Tim Ball, publicly made statements to the effect of Mann should be in state pen rather than in a professorship at Penn State. Mann sued years ago for defamation. Recently, a court ruled in favor of Ball who is to be awarded court costs paid for by Mann.

The reason Mann lost his case was due to the fact that he never during the years long trial provided any data to substantiate his hockey stick curve. Bell, on the other hand, easily showed the validity of his version of climate trends.

Hat tip to Joe Huffman who asks if this ruling could be “The end of the climate change hoax?” I would be happy if that were true, but knowing the Fake News Media and the Democrats (repeating myself) won’t advertise Mann’s loss in court, but will double down on the consistent, loud and obnoxious climate change rhetoric.

Go on over to The View from North Central Idaho and read the whole thing. Joe has some good references there.

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