Camping in Limon, CO

Stormy Skies

We traveled from Laramie, WY to Limon, CO today under mostly fair skies. However, after we arrived and set up camp, the sky to the west of us started to look threatening. Damsel took the photo above as the sun was showing through the stormy looking clouds towards the end of daylight. Luckily, the storms subsided as the evening went on and we are currently not expecting anything serious.

By far, the favorite part of our trip today was the opportunity to visit with DrJim, a long time friend, fellow blogger, Second Amendment enthusiast and Ham Radio buddy in Fort Collins, CO. Jim showed us his house, dog “Pebbles” and his numerous projects. We had a nice, albeit short visit before heading back out. Fort Collins looks like a very nice place to live. Damsel took the photo below just before we departed.

W7GD and KQ0EA

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  1. drjim said,

    August 21, 2019 @ 21:38:07

    Really good to see you two again, and the dogs, of course. Dorothy was bummed she couldn’t meet you guys, as she feels like she ‘knows’ you already!

    And she sends her thanks for the windspinner. I think she might want to hang this one, so we’ll have to work out a place to hang it from.

    Great to hear you got through the storms. Denver got really hammered, with flash flood warnings posted for big sections.

    Did you go through Loveland, or avoid it? I’ve been through it at rush hout, and the 287 is just clogged.

  2. CapnBob said,

    August 22, 2019 @ 15:34:27

    DrJim - Thanks for the opportunity to visit your new place. We’re impressed!

    We got through Limon and the prairie without much weather. However, when we arrived here in Colorado City, south of Pueblo, we set up camp and just as I started cooking on the grill, the skies opened up with a pretty good downpour. No hail, just rain and we cooked dinner in spite of it.

    We followed the GPS and went around Loveland. We got into a little traffic on US 34 headed toward Greeley, but got through that OK and smooth all the way out to Fort Morgan Walmart.

  3. drjim said,

    August 22, 2019 @ 22:27:47

    Good to hear you were able to go around Loveland. I was going to suggest rte 34, as we were on it last month to/from the Greeley Old Time Farm Show, and it looked like a really good road.

    Yeah, we can get some pretty violent weather here that pops up in a couple of hours. Almost all of it is East of I-25, but we still get the Chinook winds here, and they can really get going; 45~50MPH sustained with gusts to 70+. If you live in Wyoming, add 15~20MPH!

    Nice following your trip. Dorothy loves the windspinner, and she has a spot in the back where she’s wanted to put one.

    Yep, again….this house and this area beat Long Beach by a Country Mile! Glad you got to see some of the scenery here. It’s gorgeous.

  4. CapnBob said,

    August 23, 2019 @ 15:52:33

    We’re glad we got to have even a short visit, Jim. We can see why you picked the Fort Collins area. Very nice, indeed.

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