Vernal Equinox


Archaeoastronomy‘s Earth Clock Graphic shows Earth’s current position relative to the cusps of equinoxes, solstices and cross-quarters. As you can see, Earth is crossing through the Vernal Equinox cusp along its orbit around the sun. As of 14:58 Arizona Time, we are now officially in the spring has sprung mode.

Our early signs of spring have started. Damsel’s Flowering Plum is full of blossoms and her Daffodils are opening, no thanks to the colder late winter weather here. Wickenburg actually had three or four days of snow this winter which is highly unusual. The high temperatures were seldom above 60 degrees F. for much of February to mid March.

The rest of the xeriscape garden is also showing signs of spring, albeit later than normal. We have several beavertail cacti which all are sprouting flower and paddle buds. The Argentine Giant out front is showing flower buds and a new arm sprouting, maybe two. The other prickly pear cacti will be getting flowers later in spring. The giant saguaro out front should also be getting flowers in late spring.

I’m sure that with the cactus flowers opening and other springtime events, Damsel’s (and my) camera will capture some of it for posting here. Stay tuned . . .

2 Responses to “Vernal Equinox”

  1. drjim says:

    Happy Equinox!

    From last week’s Spring Blizzard, to today’s 62+ degrees and sunny, is quite a contrast.

    Our tulip bulbs by the garage have started pushing up green, and I expect the Iris’ on the other side are close behind them.

    C’mon SPRING!

  2. CapnBob says:

    DrJim – Happy Spring to you & the Family!

    We’re looking for it to warm up as well. Warm is better for the old Lumbago.