Eight Years

Eight YearsEight years ago today was the first day of retirement for me. Almost immediately, Damsel and I set out to begin looking at places where we could relocate outside of Kalifornistan. Within a week we were in Southern Arizona on a combination of vacationing and looking at potential places to eventually live.

That first trip wasn’t very fruitful other than us having vacation fun in places like Pima Air Museum Tombstone, Mission San Xavier del Bac and Saguaro National Park. Arizona is a very scenic and interesting place.

We took a couple of other trips in the early part of 2010 with more serious focus on relocation. We finally decided on Wickenburg after some research and having visited here several times. We made a deal for some property and after some delay in getting financing, construction on the house began late summer of that year.

It’s coming up on seven years that we have been happily relocated to our retirement home. With continued good health and our nest egg holding out, we expect to have many more blissful years of retirement here and on the road.

5 Responses to “Eight Years”

  1. drjim says:


    We just finished our first week as Colorado residents, and we’re enjoying it immensely.

    We’re taking “The Kids” to see the three ‘finalists’ in The Great Colorado House Hunt later today.

    Two of the houses I really like, and the third is interesting but creeps me out a bit. ALL the flooring is laminate, and as soon as you walk in you’re in an echo chamber!

    It’s also painted entirely in dark “earth tones”, and if the power goes out it’s like being in a cave….

  2. CapnBob says:

    Glad you’re getting the stuff done and out of Cali.

    We’ve been following your progress in the EBOG blog RSS feed.

  3. drjim says:

    We scratched that house today, so now we’re down to two.

    The daughter-in-law noticed that the bathroom doors were very narrow, and might pose a problem for someone using a walker or wheelchair.

    Kind of an esoteric point, but it was enough to make the wife drop it off the list.

    The two remaining ones are both stunners, and the “one out East” has owners and a listing agent who are willing to split the cost of installing fencing.

    Neither has an HOA, and our agent is doing all she can to see if either has a “CC&R” that might prohibit outside Ham antennas.

  4. CapnBob says:

    Freaking CC&Rs. Hope there are none.

    I liked your choice of the KT34 tribander. I always wanted to put one up before life events took us in a different direction.

  5. glenn b says: