Camping Day One – Williams, AZ

Williams, AZ

Our first day out was pretty entertaining except for some congestion on I-40 due to road construction, but enough about that. Elsewhere, traffic was pretty good considering we were traveling on a getaway Friday along the main route between Phoenix and Las Vegas.

We made our first stop at Wickieup, AZ, after going through some pretty scenic areas like rock formations, a Joshua Tree forest and just beautiful places in general. We also stopped in touristy Seligman, AZ, where Damsel did some souvenir shopping at the Roadkill Cafe. We arrived here in Williams this afternoon, checked in and set up camp in the quaint Canyon Motel and RV Park.

Tomorrow, we’re going to top off the fuel tank here in town before heading up US 64 towards Grand Canyon. We checked fuel prices at our next stop and thought it best to tank up here even though we’re still half full. We can refuel when we get up into Utah where prices get lower again.

We will have more tomorrow from the next stop.