First Day of Spring


Image courtesy of Archeoastronomy dot com. Click on the image to enlarge.

Our first day of spring here in Arizona is our usual March high temp around the mid-to-upper 70’s. Not so good for folks elsewhere in the US who are getting weather of another type: c-c-cold!

News from the National Weather Service

Although astronomical spring officially begins Friday evening, it will feel more like winter across much of the Northeast. Winter Weather Advisories are in effect from Northern Virginia to southern New England, with 3-6 inches of snow possible for some locations. Meanwhile, heavy rain and thunderstorms are forecast across southern Texas and the Gulf Coast.

We contend that these are the normal weather patterns that have been experienced for decades. There is no anthropogenic signature in any weather anywhere other than possibly some urban heat islands which don’t seem to be working for the cities in places mentioned in the NWS News above.

Sorry, Al Gore and the Greenbats. It’s only weather as usual.