New Pocket Camera

ELPH 140 ISI don’t have a smartphone with a fancy camera built in and my flip phone takes such lousy images and is compounded by the problem of not being able to directly upload them to the computer. I also don’t like to necessarily lug the big camera along everywhere I go, so I like to have a pocket camera with me most of the time.

I had a Canon A1400IS Power Shot for a couple of years, but a few weeks ago I dropped it for the third or fourth time and this time it woke up dead. That prompted me to get on-line for a replacement. I finally settled on this ELPH 140 IS Power Shot which is actually smaller than the one I dropped. It has all of the same features except for an optical viewfinder. I found the viewfinder to be better than the 2.5 inch LCD in sunlight, but I will have to work around that. The other item that I have to work around is the fact that this camera uses a small lithium ion battery rather than the two rechargeable AA cells that I used in the old camera.

The ELPH takes fair pictures, is point and shoot and fits nicely in the ‘technology pouch’ of my cargo pants or shorts as did it’s predecessor. If you click on the link and see a price of $129, I actually paid $40 less for mine. Click on the image above to enlarge.

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