Wrong Way Corrigan


We’re back in K’Stan for a couple of days. We have to meet the plumber in the morning at the old house to repair the plumbing that caused all the damage. We also are going to visit the various Family members that live hereabouts. There are lots of other things that we need to do here, not all of which we can accomplish this trip.

It’s costing us a bunch of extra dough coming to Cal since we still can’t stay in our house until we get enough of it fixed such as to be habitable. We’re in a hotel for three nights. It takes a day to get here, two days to do stuff and a day to get home again.

I looked into towing our trailer out here to lighten up on the expenses, but would you believe there is a dearth of RV campgrounds in the area? I only found two in a ten mile radius of where we need to be: One in Long Beach that won’t take our “vicious” miniature Pinschers (total bullsh1t) and one on Dockweiler State Beach, right under the departure end of Los Angeles International Airport with no wi-fi and all day, all night jet noise plus an exorbitant $60 per night fee.

Hopefully, in a few months, we will either have the old place fixed enough to stay there, or we will have flipped the house and be free of the mortgage and the ridiculous Cali property taxes. We are looking forward to getting all of this business resolved.