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Vulture Peak and the Saguaro Forest

We took a drive today out south of town to the Vulture Mountains to view the lovely springtime desert vegetation. I took this shot on the roadside a little north of Vulture Peak. Click on the image to enlarge.


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Memorial Day - The Price of Liberty


Never forget the sacrifices made by our fathers, brothers, mothers, and sisters in liberty. Amen.

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Around the Seed Bell


We had a nice, relaxing day today on the patio, enjoying the birds and critters on and around the seed bell I put up this morning. In this view, you can see female (left) and male (right) house finches aloft near the bell with a cactus wren on the bell itself. A curve billed thresher is just below and about to shoo the wren and start in on the bell. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Devil’s Tongue Cactus Flower


Our devil’s tongue barrel cactus appears to be happy with its new home in the Arizona desert. This flower opened up today out on the “west 40″ part of our half-acre lot. Click on the image to enlarge.

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One Year Ago

pioneer-title.jpgAbout one year ago, Damsel and I took the plunge and closed escrow on the Arizona property. Halfway through the ensuing summer, our contractor began the construction on our new home. We took occupancy in January of 2011 and began a series of events acquiring furniture, building a courtyard, installing steel security doors. We also had shutters installed, added a courtyard gate and a HUGE saguaro cactus. It took nearly a year, but our retirement dreams have come true. There are still more home decor and landscape refinements, but we’re here enjoying the good life.

Image - the walk to close escrow - May 2010 - courtesy of the Damsel.

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Javelina Sighting


I was on the patio earlier this evening and saw a javelina up in the wash behind the house. It disappeared behind the vegetation and I dismissed it as another distant sighting. Cabela started barking and carrying on in the front room. I went to see what was up and there were a family of six javelinas foraging across the road. I ran to get my camera and got this photo of the last one heading up the road. Click on the image to see the non-cropped version.

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Saint Anthony’s of Padua


This is one of the prettiest buildings in town. Saint Anthony’s of Padua was established in the early days of Wickenburg, having started out as a wooden structure near the beginning of the 20th century. Finally, after the tough days following mine failures and the great depression, the congregation eventually constructed this beautiful brick sanctuary on Tegner Street in the Old Historic Downtown area. Click on the image to enlarge.

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