Saturday – Camping Out at Home

campsite.jpgWe’re now occupying our new Arizona home. We have been “moved in” since Tuesday morning but since we haven’t furnished the place, we’re still “camping out,” so to speak.

All the appliances are here, the utilities are all turned on and we had our first trash collection on Thursday. We can shower, wash clothes and dishes, store food in the refrigerator and guns in the safe and sleep on our new mattress set (sans bed frame). Most of the furniture we have in California will stay there since I promised Damsel all new furnishings for our new retirement home. That will take time.

In the meantime, we’re eating on a 2×4 folding table (the same one where our laptops sit), we’re sitting on a couple of canvas folding chairs and our entertainment center consists of a 17 inch TV, a little round table, a cooler used as a table and a couple more (patriotic) folding chairs.

Like I said in a previous comment, “Spartan Opulence.” But the euphoria of being in our retirement home lets us look at all of this through rose-colored glasses. It’s a great feeling. We will get where we want to be in a matter of just a few weeks.