A Short Odyssey

trump-flagA few days ago, we took a ride over the Palos Verdes Peninsula to check out the blustery conditions along the coast. I used my new Canon A710 PowerShot camera to capture some video of what we saw.

The video starts with Damsel pulling out of the neighborhood (she was going to pick me up after I took my wheels in for maintenance). We stopped at Point Vicente to check out the surf and wind. I panned across the cove to capture a video of the restless sea. We then headed down toward Portuguese Bend where the roadway is under constant repair since that entire part of the peninsula is literally sliding into the sea. I made an attempt to record the semi-rough ride over the sliding segment of Palos Verdes Drive South. We then fade to Donald Trump’s disputed flagpole where the wind is briskly rippling Old Glory with Catalina Island seen through the haze across the channel.

Click > to play the video. The music is “All The Ones” by Korg.

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