Home Defense

Coconut Commando, “currently enjoying an extended, all inclusive vacation package to Iraq,” composed a very good article on home defense. I especially liked this recommendation for a home defense weapon. Here’s the excerpt:

From Defending the Ponderosa

Generally, the best choice for home defense, tactical movement inside buildings, firepower, low cost and pure fear factor is a shotgun. They’re easy to use and criminals, as well as insurgents, dread getting anywhere near the business end of a shotgun. It has been my first hand experience, through years of training and multiple combat tours, that a shotgun is the top choice for home defense. The 12-Gauge Remington 870 “Youth Model” makes an excellent choice because of it size, dependability, ease of use, and cost. It is also best suited for women due to their smaller frame.

I just LOVE MINE!   shotgun

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