Sea Mammal Rescues Peak During Heavy Surf

Years ago, Damsel and I became members of MAR3INE, an acronym for Marine Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release Into the Natural Environment. We’re glad that the center is there, especially during times when the animals are having a rough time due to high surf.

From the Daily Breeze:

South Bay sea mammals are hit hard by pounding waves

Seals and sea lions aren’t used to the 15-foot breakers that have hit the coast this week. Many are treated at animal care center in San Pedro.

You know it’s big surf when even the sea lions get knocked around.

This week’s massive waves along the South Bay coast made life difficult for the marine mammals, sending a few to a specialized-care center in San Pedro for medical attention.

“The ones that came in looked like they may have been beaten up by the waves,” said David Bard, operations manager at the Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur. In getting rolled by the breakers, they’ve come close to drowning and have breathed water into their lungs, which can lead to complications like pneumonia.

Photo: Sean Hiller / Daily Breeze — This young female sea lion was rescued from Venice Beach after being washed ashore.

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We visit the center often, usually after visiting the County Recycling Center so we can donate the proceeds from scrap aluminum cans.