Great Grandkids

In the photo above, Mikey (5) and Alex (9), our two great grandsons are enjoying a carnival ride somewhere in Northern California. (Photo courtesy of Granddaughter Anna.) The boys look like they’re having a bit of fun out there.

The big news, however, is that today is Alex’s 9th Birthday. Anna sent me this photo of him and his birthday cake. Looking all smiles and handsome, Alex will be getting a new pair of rollerblades and numerous other goodies for his 9th. Happy Birthday, Alex!

We really miss the great grandkids, the boys above and the two girls, who all live near each other in the Santa Rosa, California area. We, however, no longer travel to that area because both Damsel and I carry concealed sidearms for self protection all the time and cannot carry in California because of their insane (and unconstitutional) gun restrictions. That may be resolved one of these years, but we’re not holding our breath.

Perhaps we can convince our (broke in California) three Granddaughters and their significant others to bring the Kids to Arizona for a visit. We will probably wind up helping them to “foot the bill” for all the travel expenses, but it would be worth it to us to see them all again.

Meanwhile, Happy Birthday to Alex and many happy returns!