Operation Overlord - June 6, 1944


Seventy-seven years ago, the invasion of Normandy began. My Dad was an electricians mate aboard the USS Brooklyn light cruiser, whose 5 and 6 inch guns softened targets in France so the Allies could do their thing. Dad came back from the War, but many did not. Take a moment today to remember those selfless, brave men that chiseled out our victory in Europe.


  1. drjim said,

    June 6, 2021 @ 21:32:20

    A staggering and EPIC undertaking, the stuff legends are written about.

    And it came with staggering and epic casualties.

    It saddens me greatly that so many young people see it as dusty, ancient history, even though they may have had relatives involved in it.

    May God bless the fallen, and show His kindness and mercy on them.

  2. CapnBob said,

    June 6, 2021 @ 21:43:48

    I was just reading about the other half of the war in the Pacific. I may have a post on some of that soon. At any rate, MILLIONS of lives were spared because of the Manhattan Project and the subsequent surrender of the Empire of Japan.

    Without Nuclear weapons, the invasion of Japan would have surely been much worse than Normandy in terms of lives lost.

  3. drjim said,

    June 6, 2021 @ 23:25:09

    They ordered so many Purple Heart medals for the invasion of Japan that it took until the end of the Viet Nam War to use them all.

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