09/11/2001 Seventeen Years Ago Today

flag-badge.jpgThis is the seventeenth anniversary of the Islamic Terrorist Attacks on America. We should Never Forget those events.

On that morning, I was in the bathroom getting ready for work. I had the radio on tuned into the local news radio station when I heard about the second attack on the World Trade Center. I woke Damsel up to tell her about the attacks and that I would be staying home to telecommute rather than drive to work. We both watched the terrible events unfold on televised news channels. We were both sad and enraged that this had occurred.

In the aftermath, American flags started to show up everywhere around the country. Patriotism was never more prevalent at that time than any time I can remember in my life. In that same spirit, my employer (TRW at the time), issued badges to all employees so we could display our pride in America during the recovery from the attacks.

American pride still exists, although diminished by time-induced apathy. On this day, we should NEVER FORGET what happened as well as using this Patriots Day to renew our pride in America.


  1. Crotalus said,

    September 16, 2018 @ 19:42:06

    Seventeen years, and I still remember: we had just turned on the news after the first plane hit. I kept wondering how the pilots missed seeing that huge building on a bright sunny morning. When the second plane hit, I knew what it was, and said, “This isn’t an accident! This is an attack!” Horror and rage were the order of the day. I haven’t forgotten, or forgiven.

  2. CapnBob said,

    September 16, 2018 @ 20:27:14

    Crotalus: I’m sure that you, I and millions of Americans that saw the second plane hit came to the same conclusion and we all probably knew who the perpetrators were. I’ll Never Forget nor Forgive.

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