Throwback Panorama – Vacant Wickenburg Lot

Six years ago this month, Damsel and I had purchased our property in Arizona and were awaiting for the financing to fall into place so the construction of our new home could begin. Despite the unpleasant delay, we still had plenty of business to do in Town, so we continued to spend about a week per month here. Construction would begin in August and the contractor had already placed the stakes in the ground where the corners of the building would be. Click on the image to view the large panorama.

Vacant Wickenburg Lot

We had considerable difficulty getting a title lien released on our California property which was preventing our Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) approval. Finally, I found the lien holder and had it released and the funds were then in the bank to start the Arizona home construction.

Reminiscing about our experience six summers ago, Damsel and I are very happy to be where we are now. The California property is sold and the HELOC and primary Mortgage are completely paid in full.