New Camera Candid Telephoto Shots

House Finch Hummingbird 
Antelope squirrel Cardinal in Mesquite Tree

I have been enjoying using the new camera a lot. The camera, as ordered, came bundled with a Canon 75-300mm EF telephoto lens. I’m still reading the aftermarket how-to book on the camera and accessories, but have had pretty good luck photographing some of the critters in our back yard.

I went out into the unimproved part of our lot and laid in waiting for some of the desert birds to come around to gather the goodies that Damsel and I put out to attract them. It was just a few minutes after I hung out the seed bell and block that a house finch (upper left) showed up to partake. There was also a cardinal (lower right) in the mesquite tree next to the feeders waiting for his opportunity. Earlier in the day when I took out the finch feeders, a little Antelope Ground Squirrel (lower left) showed up for a handout. As a bonus, a hummingbird (upper right) perched in the mesquite tree as I was headed back into the patio.

All of these (and more not shown) were taken in our back yard. Click on each individual panel above to see the full-sized photo.